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Over the Hedge

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Movie Length: 1:23

Genre: Cartoons Comedy Family Adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.8


Actors: Bryus Uillis, Garry Shandling, Stiv Karell, Vanda Sayks, Uilyam Shetner, Nick Nolte, Tomas Heyden Church, Ellison Dzhenni, Yudzhin Levi, Catherine O'Hara


Year: June 3, 2006

Download Over the Hedge

Download Over the Hedge full movie for free. At one point, wild animals shows that in the midst of their territory has grown a huge hedge - the two-legged creatures, you see, pick up very close. Fear? Run away? Most smart - learn from the situation favor! Sly Raccoon teaches naive friends to produce food for people in the cottage, while pursuing their own goals. The script for the cartoon wrote the author of "Chicken Run," he was engaged in directing the creator of "Antz" was produced - Spielberg.

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Our Review:

Company of animals led by a careful and fair tortoise wakes up after hibernation and finds among them a large and beautiful forest grew infinite and incomprehensible thing. Cunning raccoon quickly tells them that something - a hedge, for which the "gateway to the good life", the suburb in which strange pink bipedal live. They have a lot of food, and there is nothing wrong with this food to somehow borrow. Animals very quickly realize that much nicer chips of bark and begin to make forays into the village. Raccoon while pursuing its own objectives and uses of animals for their implementation without a twinge of conscience. The fact that the main character in the original voice of Bryus Uillis, and in the Russian version - Gosha Kutsenko did not know, probably the only one who in the summer, as expected, he went to the country or to the sea, and does not drive the children to cinemas. Although it is unlikely the children much matter who is there who sounded. They are much more interesting animals are well drawn, quite a crucial life problems (some chips tastes better and is better - or pistachio crust) and placed in an understandable, almost urban environment. Of all the cartoons published in the last time, this - really the funniest, witty and bright. That only is a huge bulldog with his "play!" Or crazy squirrel, napivshayasya energy cocktail, or a raccoon, easy to understand and simple language to explain everything about the human gluttony (and here is their machines for the food order portal for the delivery of food, tools for food storage, food refrigeration, food warming up). Some jokes may be assessed only by adults. But is not that a sign of a good cartoon?

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