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Nothing to Lose

Download Nothing to Lose full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:38

Genre: Comedy Action Adventure Crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.7

Director: Steve Oedekerk

Actors: Martin Lourens, Tim Robbins, John C. McGinley, Dzhankarlo Espozito, Kelly Preston, Maykl Makkin, Rebekka Geyhart, Syuzen Barns, Irma P. Hall, Samaria Graham

Budget: $ 25 million

Year: January 2, 1998

Download Nothing to Lose

Download Nothing to Lose full movie for free. Once Nik Bim (Tim Robbins) is back home at an inopportune time, and found his wife in bed with the boss. Angered by the betrayal, Nick gets into the car and drives aimlessly. It feels disgusting, it seems that life is over. The criminal-quarter of its attempts to rob a loser Terrance (Martin Lourens). But Nick is now all uneasy. She and Terrence are introduced and then go already together. Nick shares with his would-be robber misfortune, and he incites him to crack a safe in the boss's office - there is stored a decent amount. You can be rich and at the same time to take revenge. Nick likes the idea, especially since he knows off the alarm code. Newly made friends get down to business. What will come out of their venture?

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User's Review:

"Nothing to lose" - one of the most popular and vibrant comedies 90s, filmed a successful American producer, actor, director and Oscar nominee Steve Oedekerk ( "Barnyard," "Patch Adams") on his own script in the 1997th year. The young and successful advertiser Nika Bima everything in life is beautiful and quiet, nice house, money, good work, and there is no reason for concern, but when he once came early home and finds his wife with another man, Nick nerves pass. He is not satisfied with the scandal, has not anyone's face, but calmly and quietly (even to his wife, who did not understand that it was caught) goes away. Aimlessly driving around on his jeep around the city and in despair, Nick calls in the Negro ghetto, where he was trying to rob an unsuccessful petty crook named Terrence. Money with Nick would-be robber cut down is not possible, but between the guys fastened some sort of friendship for bad luck, and robbed on his way successfully refuel, Nick comes to mind switched to more lucrative jackpot, and it offers Terrence rob the office of his boss, with whom Nick and He caught his wife. And so, as the guys lose, as they seem to have nothing, they are happy to be included in this insane adventure, getting on the way to a variety of fun adaptations. The so-called badi-movie glorifying male brotherhood, where the two of them very different in character and social status of people have some time to be together, to communicate and work together for a common goal, which ultimately results in friendship, were so popular in the 80 -s, and 90s, and we all love such masterpieces as "48 hours" Walter Hill's "Lethal weapon" Richarda Donnera and "midnight Run," Martin Brest. But in all these tapes still dominated the action and detective story, and Steve Oedekerk to your feed to put more emphasis just on comedy and human relationships, relegating to the background the criminal line. And it happened indeed sparkling, ageless over the years and megapozitivnoe movie about what a cruel joke with you sometimes play too violent manifestations of emotions and hasty conclusions. This tape was a major breakthrough for a black comedian Martina Lourensa ( "Bad Boys," "Blue Streak"), who has passed much today position, and in the 90th, and shutting up the waistband of his godfather in the movie Eddi Merfi. And of course once again myself here superbly demonstrated repeatedly dabbled before ( "Bob Roberts," "Hudsucker Proxy") in a comedy role, lanky and Oscar-winner Tim Robbins. Also encouraging are the eyes and the famous Dr. Cox from "Clinic" Dzhon Si McGinley, beautiful Kelly Preston ( "Only you") and Rebekka Geyhart ( "Castles in the air"), Irma P. Hall ( "The Ladykillers") and Dzhankarlo Espozito ( "The Usual Suspects"). "Nothing to Lose" - a movie that is incredibly easy and wonderful looks and even more high, after years under review.

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