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Movie Length: 1:36

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Actors: Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rouz Birn, Elise Vargas, Zoe Vargas, Brayan Haski, Ayk Barinholts, Carla Gallo, Deyv Franko, Halston Sage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Endi Semberg, Dzheyk Dzhonson, Lisa Kudrow

Budget: $ 18 million

Year: May 29, 2014

download Neighbors

Free Neighbors movie torrent. Hooligan comedy. As you know, men are of two types: single and deeply married. The first young, muscular and precise magnet for blondes and noisy friends. Second inhabit the house, children grow and absorb serials on TV. Normally, their paths do not cross. But as soon as they become neighbors, men go on the warpath. The film "Neighbors. On the trail of war "scenario is based on the debut of Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan About’ Bryan.

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Our Review:

Another Hollywood comedy about a clash of generations, in which there is something to see and something to laugh. Standard steam thirties positive Americans - Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rouz Birn), got a charming daughter-Baby Stella and happily move to a new home - a paradise for the middle class, and now live happily ever after, and at your pleasure. But unfortunately for newcomers in the house next door comes a hell of a get-together of students, led by the charismatic Teddy (Zac Efron). Daily bender prevent Mac and Kelly enjoying comfort. They feel too old for such a hedonic mindless fun. Neighbors try to establish some sort of compromise, clumsily interact with the "alien" and even - horror of horrors - in order to pass for her, give them a jamb with grass. But the situation is still out of control, and sleep at night will not have anyone. The so-called "old fart" is found in the seeds of the true bullies, come to the fight and find a new youth. A pair of young parents at first actually teaches pagan gifts under inflated legs lively Teddy performed by Zaka Efrona, who after "The Paperboy" dramatically change the image of the white boys to the slaughter in the new world, self-confident macho, which seemingly will not move from the pedestal even bulldozer fate. But gradually, the director Nicholas Stoller change the vector of comedy about the clash of generations on a completely different story. After all, in front of us is not another variation of "Rebel Without a Cause." Boys and girls just want to have fun. In our country, this behavior is usually attributed to "Gopnik" rejoicing rare winning team. The "neighbors" - it's just a fun vigorous biomass. But, alas, it interferes with sleep at night. But the fact that the usual conservative family is ready at any time to play by different rules, to knock out of the saddle hot young insolence, once again confirms the thesis unsinkable group "Aquarium", and did not get a decent answer. "Where is the young punks that we will sweep the earth?". It's not like it was not.

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