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Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. Aliens download movie.

Movie Length: 1:34

Genre: Comedy thriller fiction cartoons

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.5


Actors: Hyu Lori, Riz Uizerspun, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, Kifer Sazerlend, Reyn Uilson, Stefen Kolber, Pol Radd, Dzhuli Uayt, Dzheffri Tembor, Ed Helms

Budget: $ 175 million

Year: March 19, 2009

Download Monsters vs. Aliens

Download movie Monsters vs. Aliens for free. Meteorite falls to Earth, where, among other things, were unsuited monsters. The stone itself gets the girl Syuzan Morfi, right on the day, when she was married. Susan from a collision with a meteorite has grown to epic proportions, becoming pyatnadtsatimetrovuyu bride. Military, not understanding what was going on, Susan caught along with other monsters - Dr. Cockroach, rybochelovekom, jelly BO Bohm and Insectosaurus - and sent to a secret base. But after the first meteorite to the Earth comes another alien visitor. And now the monsters with Gigantic must save the Earth from alien invasion.

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Our Review:

Once again, a UFO landed in the United States. The President did everything I could, but, alas, not understanding the aliens reached. Remain two ways - to press the red button or incite the visitors' monsters. With the button decided to wait, and five lucky mutants had spent fifty years in prison at a secret military base, are released. Dr. Cockroach, the genius inventor and fearless, once set an irreversible experiment on himself. Missing Link could not have evolved from a fish into a monkey because of the come inappropriate Ice Age. BEAN. - neubivaemaya jelly-like mass, with a broad smile and absolutely no brains - is the result of crossbreeding of genetically modified tomatoes with artificial mayonnaise. Insectosaurus received at one time a good dose of radiation and strong added in growth, although it is a kid at heart. And finally, Ginormica - in the world Syuzan Merfi - frustrated bride caught the meteor just before the wedding, stretched to 15 meters, and has become the most powerful being in the universe. To all this the company looked even more impressive, Dreamworks has decided to draw a cartoon in 3D. Great idea, fully justified his appointment in the first two minutes, when the show space and a certain boredom bullet in the room pink ball. No more rides involving not going audience, and three-dimensional monsters and American presidents behave in the same way as if were two-dimensional, but are on the tens of millions more. In general, the creators took the case thoroughly. The image of each monster is taken from American and Japanese fiction half a century ago, the individual scenes and phrases cited Kubrick and Coppola. In short, the work is done by a colossal, but hardly a ten-year public will be able to draw analogies and fully appreciate this enormous project. On the other hand, it was necessary from something blind script, and then, please, grabbed a piece anywhere - and the cartoon is ready. Impressions, as a result, remain vague. That is, of course, monsters and stereo glasses - it's great, it's like going to the zoo, take a ride on the carousel and candyfloss overeat. Kids, if not often, it is the adults - on the debt. Only here the end of these "Monsters" is not too childish - I mean not that a happy ending, at the end of the action, and an epilogue after the first titles. But, if you try - you can manage to steal babies.

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