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Monster Trucks

Meet Creech

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Movie Length: 1:44

Genre: Comedy Action Family Science Fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.5

Director: Kris Uedzh

Actors: Lucas Till, Dzheyn Levi, Rob Lou, Emi Rayan, Thomas Lennon, Barry Pepper, Danny Glover, Frenk Ueyli, Holt Makkellani, Chelah Horsdal

Budget: $ 125 million

Year: 5 January

Download Monster Trucks

Free Monster Trucks movie torrent. Senior Tripp wants to escape from a boring town where he was born and grew up, and enthusiastically collects monster truck from the wreckage of the old cars. And when the accident on the rig release from the ground a wonderful creation that knows a lot about the speed at Tripp's a real chance not only to finally change a life, but also to find a true friend. Unless, of course, no one will intervene.

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Our Review:

What does all this directed by debutant took the fantastic adventure of the idea devised a four-year son of the former head of Paramount Adam Goodman. The child obviously loves pickup trucks on huge wheels, which are popular in the motor show and toy stores. Favorite toy you always want to revive, and a great way to do it - stick to the iron body underground octopus eating oil. So the truck acquires not only the unprecedented power and superpowers, but also the soul, which will want to destroy oil magnates. Why watch a great movie for dad with his son. History recalls films like "ET," "Pete and his dragon," or Bollywood, "You are not alone." The stranger, however, is not from outer space, but from the depths of the oil, but in any case with super powers, divided them with his friend-earthling - a child or a young boy. But this friendship is for various reasons adults enmity. "Monster truck" implement this genre with impeccable quality standards of Hollywood entertainment. The plot develops like clockwork, the chase is exciting, dazzling special effects - suffice it to say that the trucks run on the roofs and juggle with the wheels in the air. Why can not watch Directed by Kris Uedzh before filming cartoons ( "Ice Age," "Robots"), and it is felt in the form of a monster. He painted so touchingly kind that truck with his eyes, begins to resemble a character "wheelbarrows". This in itself is not bad, just need to take into account that the film was interesting especially for young children, no older than primary school age. Even the lyric line is absent - between the hero and his girlfriend is not even the slightest hint of a romantic relationship.

User's Review:

Free Willy. A child of four years spent on par with adults, thirty years, the entire film with interest, believe me - it's worth a lot. My wife and I received no less pleasure from seeing a movie than our child. This is a rare, good, family movies that you want to go the whole family on New Year's holidays. Sorry primetime cinema screens invaded "Firs", and this movie has practically disappeared from the screens. But a full house "monster truck" proves that all is not lost. For full mimishnosti, the room did not have the saying "See you" from the lips of "octopus".

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