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Mon meilleur ami

Download movie Mon meilleur ami for free.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Comedy

Country: France

IMDB rating: 6.7

Director: Patris Lekont

Actors: Daniel Otoy, Deni Bun, Zhyuli Gaye, Zhyuli Dyuran, Zhak Matu, Mari Piye, Elizabeth Burzhin, Anri Garsen, Zhak Spisser Philippe du Zhaneran


Year: November 15, 2007

Download Mon meilleur ami

Download Mon meilleur ami full movie for free. Secured and contented life antiquarian Francois faced with a lack of friends in his life. It absolutely does not bother him as long as his business partner Catherine does not offer him a bet - Francois few days acquires the best friend, and she gives him a valuable artifact. Antique dealer concerned challenge of finding friends - it turns out, all his friends do not really aspire to closer associate with him, in fact, experiencing a dislike to him. Bet would be lost if Francois has not got a lover of game shows a taxi driver Bruno. "My best friend" - French comedy about friendship, which for all ages.

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Our Review:

Parisian antique dealer and gallery owner Francois (Daniel Otoy) unpleasantly surprised: it turns out, no one would dare call him a friend. Business partner offers bet she ready to give Francois a Greek vase, if it within ten days to submit to it other - this! Francois is a list of "victims", and teachers take it easy with people converging taxi driver Bruno (Dany Boon). Soon between teacher and student breaks out feeling. Naturally friendly. Patris Lekont number of experts on a quiet restlessness and heroes with touching flawed. But here "An Education," the director pointed to the lowly whether comedy, or melodrama. Of course, to say that Leconte was released in circulation, do not dare. Just a gentle whisper director moved on slightly didactic tone. But, despite the age-moralizing, the film is a kind of good luck. Thus, scenario catharsis falls on the notorious "call a friend" in the game "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?". What can I say? A bold move. Another thing is that before Lecomte build their stories in the subtle interval between affection and love, masterfully sidestep ambiguity. And then another after a football match ... are acquainted with my mother.

User's Review:

This charming, witty and pleasant in all respects, a comedy about male friendship gave the audience in 2006, the year of a recognized classic of French cinema Patris Lekont ( "The Girl on the Bridge," "Ridicule"). The protagonist of this story is a successful antique dealer Fransua Kost, living luxuriously, but quite lonely, because of their cynicism and contempt for the people. It is surrounded by a lot of people, whom he considers his friends, but no one really does not stretch a helping hand in difficult times. Once Catherine colleague Francois Business frankly tells him about all of this, what it offers to enter into the betting that before the end of the month, he would show her his real and best friend. And it is here that Francois is beginning to realize the scale of the problem and once accidentally meets with a simple guy named Bruno, sociable and kind taxi driver who will help inveterate cynic learn to genuinely smile and find a common language with people around him. This movie is truly the most bright and positive emotions, balancing on the edge of comedy and drama of life, relaxing, entertaining and at the same time encouraging new positive and open look at the world, no matter what. Patris Lekont made a film about the simple and clear things that chew to anyone once again not even worth it, but he turned it all masterfully in a very nice and beautiful upakovochku with the same French charm and funny dialogues. Wonderful and talented Daniel Otoy ( "36th Precinct", "Hidden") in the form of Francois perfectly played hunted human deadlock that has everything, but that's just happy for him there is no one, and smooth change in the character of his hero Auteuil demonstrated brilliantly . A bit naive and cheerful Bruno, who on the contrary the material a little, but with the inner wealth full order, played a magnificent and very successful in recent years, the actor and director Deni Bun ( "Welcome to the Sticks", "Nothing to Declare"), and the duo have these fine actors turned out to be extremely organic. And of course, a French film without the charming and stylish ladies, among which gleamed Zhyuli Gaye ( "Wedding Cake"), Zhyuli Dyuran ( "Beauty"), Odri Marney ( "Tenderness") and Anne Le Ny ( "1 + 1" ). "My best friend" - a wonderful and heartfelt film, which, like a conversation with a good and loyal friend, cheer you up, support you and give a couple of very useful and clever ideas. See prenepremenno!

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