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Miss congeniality

Free Miss Congeniality movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Comedy thriller crime

Country: USA, Australia

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Donald Petrie

Actors: Sandra Bullock, Maykl Keyn, Bendzhamin Brett, Kendis Bergen, Uilyam Shetner, Ernie Hudson, John DiResta, Hezer Borns, Melissa De Sousa, Stiv Monro

Budget: $ 45 million

Year: July 12, 2001

Download Miss Congeniality

Free Miss Congeniality movie torrent. As a child, an FBI agent Greysi Hart has stood up for the boy who insulted her for it. She vowed never to fall in love boys became muzhikovatoy and rough. Failing a special mission, it gets translated into recovery and paperwork. Suddenly, however, the case are folded back to its former glory. With a partner, it is taken for the investigation of the case, in which she has become a member of the beauty contest. Through the efforts of stylists and makeup artists from ignorant ugly Gracie is transformed into a luxurious beauty with a crown of "Miss New Jersey."

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User's Review:

Sometimes a gun is needed in order to protect their right to eat a hamburger. If a serial killer threatens to inflict another bloody show at the national beauty contest, in addition to the complex, but relatively clear tasks inquest and protection before secret agents arises another problem. More than spicy ... Around abode contestants can place the Special Forces, all the viewers to search - but who can guarantee that the villain is not well received in the contest itself, its holy of holies, the dressing room and the dressing room? So it is necessary to send a reliable person and there. And that certainly no one suspected anything, this mission should take the girl, who also would like to claim the victory. Here are just a beauty, which thrive on the podium, rarely shoot straight and bravely fighting the FBI ... So send one that is - a clever and brave, but never obayashka-temptress Gracie (Sandra Bullock). Never mind that the blue image-maker (Maykl Keyn), he saw a brand new, fall into PIS, and the prospect of wearing high heel shoes plunge into the horror itself, "Miss." I must say, the manners in okolopodiumnoy environment at the behest of the filmmakers look too gracious - and very soon stylist sincerely be pleased that he was able to transform the heroine "without the slightest sign of estrogen" in the true lady. Although not without irony: "If I had a daughter, I would want her to be like you. Perhaps that is why I do not have children. " Silly but cute contestants did not think to steal each other's bras and pour ceremonial ground glass in the shoes, as it happens in the real beauty contests. On the contrary, timid before the decisive performance of the pretty blonde was escorted to the scene cheerful parting words by Gracie: "You ate pizza (terrible crime model), you stole panties (long time ago in a shop - but it was otherwise acquire them, including reds and, According to a strict mother, „satanic“?!) - you can all!". But in the end, it's only action-comedy. Here everything happens as it should be in the movies. Sonovabitchev outputted to clean water. Ugly, but brave clever takes on personal happiness. Yes, and you can laugh. Quite sincerely.

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