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Download movie MacGruber for free.

Movie Length: 1:35

Genre: Comedy thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.5

Director: Jorma Taccone

Actors: Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Val Kilmer, Rayan Filipp, Pauers But, Mayya Rudolf, Riz Koyro Andy McKenzie, Dzhasper Koul, Timothy V. Murphy

Budget: $ 10 million

Year: May 27, 2010

download MacGruber

Download MacGruber full movie for free. Once in the environment of super agent was not equal to the agent MakGruberu - intrepid and reckless, able to cope with any task. But after a personal tragedy MacGruber left the service and went to look for peace and tranquility within the walls of the monastery. And now the world is again in grave danger - known terrorist Dieter von Kant took a nuclear warhead and threaten to destroy America. High command realizes that they can not cope without MakGrubera. The former super-agent realizes that it determines the fate of mankind and agree on a very dangerous mission.

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Our Review:

MakGruber agent (Will Forte) has served home and retired to a monastery. But again he needs his country as the bad guy Dieter (Val Kilmer) Siberia stole Russian rocket X5 and intends using it to destroy Washington. Dieter - old enemy MakGrubera so superspy agrees to disarm the offender. America's salvation MakGruber cobble together a team of thugs, but they undermined his self-made bomb. But it does not matter - the MakGrubera still has an old girlfriend Vicky and Lt. Piper, who become his new team. MakGrubera feature lies in the fact that he never used weapons, but deals with the enemy with the help of pulling the throat with his bare hands, and in high-risk cases, uses a red herring - sticks his ass celery. "MacGruber" smacks of "Our Russia: Egg of Destiny". In the sense that, as with Rafshan Dzhumzhudom, the actor who plays MakGrubera, is the hero of the comedy TV show «Saturday Night Live» and has long been familiar to American audiences. However, according to the idiocy MakGruber surpassed domestic film product. MakGruber - a parody of the serial MacGyver, who loved to invent all sorts of gadgets and have never used a gun. By way of MakGrubera added other features all sorts of different characters militants. The filmmakers wanted to make a film to make the audience laugh. But you can only laugh at themselves creators. Disgusting jokes cause genital level than laughter, and the gag reflex. And jokes about Russian from Siberia has not climb into any framework. In America, where the viewer is familiar with the characters of the show, the film grossed a little cash. Apparently, the Americans, too, have a sense of humor do not like.

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