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Lost and Found in Armenia

Lost and Found in Armenia download movie.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Comedy

Country: US, Armenia

IMDB rating: 6.3

Director: Gor Kirakosyan

Actors: Angela Sarafian, Dzheymi Kennedi, Dave Sheridan, Bobby Berkmen Alex Kalognomos Serdar Kelsin, Maurice Harb, Michael Poghosyan, Vachik Mangassarian Narek Ghaplanyan Grant Tokhatyan

Budget: $ 1.2 million

Year: November 22, 2012

Download Lost and Found in Armenia

Download Lost and Found in Armenia full movie for free. The son of a US senator was depressed about unrequited love. Even carefree existence on the sunny Turkish coast and warm sea waves can not restore his joy of living. But his flight to invigorate the small Armenian village in the mountains. Still, when a half-naked American parachuted from the sky, it will be for the Turkish-Azerbaijani spy, and then expect a crazed guy shooting, car chases, kidnapping and a new love.

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Our Review:

Ethnic comedy, filmed by Americans of Armenian origin, and clearly demonstrates that Armenia is better not only in Azerbaijan, but the United States itself. American Bill (Kennedy) is suffering from depression at the sea Turkish resort. I left him a girlfriend, and now nothing brings joy to the world. Quite pleased with life buddy convinces Bill to unwind by parasailing ride - a parachute, which on a long cable towed behind a boat. But the rope breaks in soaring Bill crashed plane and carries it to the neighboring Armenia. American falls straight to the tiny mountain village, where he was taken for a spy Azerbaijan. Bill not only unaware of the existence of the country of Armenia, but had no idea what it is cherished by means of his mental illness. In this rather lovely, little "Soviet" film designed daring to date a national idea. Behind the facade of the Peoples' Friendship is clearly visible pride of Armenians in their country, beautiful and poorly disguised hatred for his aggressive neighbors. The form in which the idea lives, chosen completely win-win - Balkan rollicking moved on Armenian soil, and it feels great. Not one as Serbs vent luxuriant flourishing of the senses amidst beautiful scenery? On top of this film became the first Armenian films, which was fully funded in the United States. Directed by Gor Kirakosian previously took such films as "The big story of a small town" and "Ticket to Vegas». In the original "Lost & Found in Armenia" are called "Lost and Found in Armenia", one of the heroes of dialogue witty remember Lost series. But distributors, as always, decided to be original, inviting the viewer to name worse that simply can not be. But in spite of such, which have become commonplace things, this film - a rare example of a family movie that can appeal not only to the Armenian diaspora, but also the older generation of viewers who have grown up in the Soviet, in particular the Georgian cinema. With that Kirakosyan film shows great spiritual similarities.

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