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Los amantes pasajeros

Download movie Los amantes pasajeros for free.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Comedy

Country: Spain

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Pedro Almodovar

Actors: Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Cote Soler, Antonio de la Torre, Hugo Silva, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Laya Martí, Carlos Areces, Raul Arevalo, Paz Vega, Blanca Suarez, Javier Cámara, Lola Duenas, Sesiliya Rot, Jose Maria Yazpik


Year: May 23, 2013

Download Los amantes pasajeros

Download movie Los amantes pasajeros for free. "I'm very excited," - a musical comedy from director Pedro Almodovar. Flight liner depart to Mexico, began as usual: the passengers fastened their belts, and the commander of the ship, including the autopilot, calmly asleep. But right on the ocean it turned out that the plane was defective, disappears internet, and all the gadgets at once fail. Covers all the fear, the horror, despair. Helpless passengers and crew, being in the face of death, finally to become themselves. So the unfortunate incident on board the aircraft did not do anything but just to sing and dance after gay stewards.

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Our Review:

Another, the nineteenth in a row, the film by Pedro Almodovar, who returned to the genre of comedy and lifted into the air the whole absurdity of modern existence. The plane, bound for Mexico, circling due to a malfunction of Toledo. The crew of the aircraft, consisting of three gay and one bisexual, decides: to die, so with music! In the course is not only a karaoke but also a hell of a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, as well as sexual pleasure. All this goes to business class passengers - a motley company, consisting of a clairvoyant, a banker, a couple of newlyweds, Mexican killer and where do without it, published in the edition of a porn star (by the way, right now the only one hits on the Russian off-road automobile race). All excited. Other travelers euthanized hypnotic sleep and rest almost lethargic. In a world where all the gay parade risks becoming a "Battle on the Ice", the most correct - get off the ground and, using the logic of enclosed space, make people forget the fear and have fun to the fullest. The audience attracted to the cinema names of Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz will be, to put it mildly, surprised by the short duration of their stay on the screen. Right in front of merry Almodovar doomsday leaves the other actors, declarer cross between a Mexican melodrama and movie Zucker brothers. The preceding his movie "The Skin I Live In," directed by and scary in its own way a piercing experimented on the human body in the spirit of "Frankenstein" and "Pygmalion" and apparently came to the conclusion that "I'm not hurt." "I'm very excited," (in Spanish it sounds like "Random lovers" or "Lovers passengers") reserves all whispers and cries of poor souls on the earth, sending in transcendental walk hilarious satire. Especially valuable gift this film will be for those who missed the early almadovarskim comedy, able to turn the vulgarity in exquisite designer fragrance European free. Fans of serious creative director need not encouraging. Furthermore. In a world where homophobia is growing before our eyes like mushrooms after the rain, this frivolous vaudeville passage appreciate not everyone. There is a risk that there will be another reason to catch just been in heaven LGBT right after the session and once again confirms lame duck over his earthly supremacy.

User's Review:

Everywhere you look, the terms of some laws: the senses do not insult, do not promote, do not breathe loudly. And it is a world trend. Believe me, absurd laws take not only the Russian Duma. Stay is now possible only in movies. That's what today is ready to society! [Change one illusion to another] So, sitting in the director's chair, can be plenty around in the fact that it is forbidden: to smoke in business class, drink soporific passengers to not plagued, losing her virginity to the first counter, dance lecherous dance and confess publicly, that you're gay. Provocateur Pedro Almodovar has lost none of its corporate identity. And kinotraditsii which he founded, he remained faithful. The new tape present gay, bisexual, nifomanki, mannish aunts, claiming to transuh, all those whom social morality still condemns, preferring to isolate itself in the form of securities laws. [Special greetings Milonova!] In the picture there are straight, which, as it turns out, is no better than the ones made to despise. Board flight to Mexico - has captured the circumstances created life only to heroes transformed and hopes the director, together with them and transformed the spectator himself. Almodovar still believes in the power of art! "I'm very excited," - a unique film-mirror that will reflect everyone who is not afraid to look truth in the eye. We all live in a dream world of their own concerns and fears. We are creating a reality around us that hell is not out there somewhere, but here on earth, in our reality with you. What does he look like? It is recognizable that we offended by partners and live with this insult to his old age, instead of saying thank you for the experience and to start a new chapter of their own destiny. We demand from the children to fulfill our desires, rather than simply to love them for what they are. We pray to the gods, stepping on the throat of his "I", rather than live a life vividly and nothing spared. This is just the tip of the iceberg of domestic fears heroes of tape, and that will respond your second "I" - you know better. Almodovar has collected the most typical "cockroaches" that swarm in the minds of law-abiding citizens, and showed how we are primitive! How finely swim, fanning flies from a small whole herd of elephants (read - their problems). Live and be happy, enjoy all that only in this world, but no! Users choose a different path. Imagine and fear, continuing masochistic torture themselves and their environment, making their existence in useless pastime. "What nonsense!" - exclaims Almodovar, offering a laugh at their fears! Making ironic look at the castle of false systems, which we are built. It is laughter through tears - the same catharsis for which is to go to this movie!

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