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les infidèles

Download Les infidèles full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:47

Genre: Comedy

Country: France

IMDB rating: 5.3


Actors: Zhan Dyuzharden, Zhil Lellush, Lionel Abelanski, Fabrice Agoge, Pierre Benoit Violette Blanker, Vensan Bonnasso, Basten Bullon, Giyom Kane, Selestin Shaplen

Budget: 12 million €

Year: April 19, 2012

Download Les infidèles

Download movie Les infidèles for free. Jean Gilles and in the pursuit of adventure ready for anything. Their life pretty shook, a kaleidoscope of changing scenery around: a small hotel on the outskirts of the city gave way to a clinic for sex addicts and chic Parisian nightclub luxurious casinos of Las Vegas… Having tried all the possible delights of being close friends decide to do the fair sex, seducing and luring girls to bed.

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Our Review:

Oscar-winner Zhan Dyuzharden and Zhil Lelush (also a great actor) is converted to the sensitive issue sketches of male infidelity in a completely self-contained spring comedy. Charming French couple in their prime (Dujardin and Lellouche) play alternately for two in no way connected with each other jokes about adultery. They change, dream about it, or just discuss past exploits with fellow prisoners, and all accompanied by the ringing of glasses and a private dances half-naked beauties. It turns out funny and touching sketches about hard men share in the range from vaudeville to tragicomedy. For the anthology "The right to "Levo""Differs simply astonishing harmony. No, of course, some short stories (especially dedicated to the club Anonymous apostate and utterly shameless final dedicated not say what) are a little more than others, but in spite of the fact that the film's seven directors, the very form of narration - an endless benefit two brilliant actors - reduces any stylistic antagonism to a minimum. All the viewer's eyes are not even in the events, and to the drive tandem. Lovers of French cinema, both main characters certainly have long been familiar, but the rest of humanity the film became interested in thanks in part to the phenomenal success of "The Artist" as a whole (by the way, one of the anthology directed by Michel Hazanavicius) and its main stars in particular. Nothing to do with "The Artist" at the "right" of course not, but grimaces Dujardin albeit in a different way, but still great. Lelouch also not lagging behind. What is important, both are not only revel in a many fold each other moments of shock and eventually arrange on the screen is the same as that of the Brazilian team on the football field - a joyous extravaganza. As for the stereotype and the conventions of the situations themselves (an adult man suddenly head over heels in love with starlet or travel white collar refuses to go home, not changing even though his wife with someone else), then they may well be justified easily genre. Well, imagine, for example, that it is the film "What Men Talk About" vaccinated good taste at the expense of her damn nation, removed the jokes about the sausage and add a car beautiful women of different ages. And there are no Jeanne Friske. If only so you can and see.

User's Review:

The film, gentlemen, rzhachny. Just do not be a hypocrite. Absolutely the easiest French humor and comedic ending stories, the contents of which, perhaps, a taboo for some ... And many middle-aged reflectors on the betrayal theme easy to identify in the main characters (as well as the and - in defiance of - heroes "What Men Talk About ') themselves, at least will seek to identify with them. And with their baseness and with the courage to do some behind the scenes actions are condemned by society. But since the "consumer society" in the framework of the Russian Federation, we have already set up, so let's put up with the fact that one part of it "consumes" different. That's just a pity fee ....

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