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les gamins

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Movie Length: 1:35

Genre: Comedy

Country: France

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Entoni Marsiano

Actors: Alen Shaba, Max Bublil, Sandrine Kiberlen, Melanie Bernier, Arie Elmaleh, Elisa Sednaoui, Alban Lenoir, François dune, Nikolya Brianson, Melyusin Mayans

Budget: 8.3 million €

Year: May 8, 2014

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Les gamins download movie. A romantic comedy about the dangers of marriage. Gilbert has 50 years of which 30 he is married to Susan, a little boring lady, obsessed with healthy eating. They are preparing for a meeting with Thomas, fiance of his daughter Lola. But Gilbert bored, he was disappointed in himself and in his life. He feels that in its present dreary existence blame Suzanne! After all, if he had not married, then his life would be very different - brighter and more saturated. And Gilbert persuaded Thomas to refuse marriage to Lola, and not to repeat his mistakes. The film "Bachelors in isolation" - the debut of director and screenwriter Entoni Marsiano.

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Our Review:

Really funny comedy about how the bride's father almost managed to convince the bride did not marry his daughter, because in life there are more important things. Giddy musician Tom (Max Bublil), who wants to become a superstar, like Iggy Pop, but it is forced to play at weddings, proposes to his hardworking girlfriend Lola (Melanie Bernier) at the most romantic circumstances. Tom is going to settle down, stop the music and find a decent job, but now goes to get acquainted with the bride's parents. It turns out that the father Loly Zhilber (Alen Shaba) is going through an existential crisis - he recently sold his company and now is dying of boredom in front of the TV. And then there's his wife Suzanne (Sandrine Kiberlen) eyesore and annoying his ideas to feed the hungry in Africa - in other words, life is not lived, as it should! Gilbert had once studied music, in a hurry to share their experiences, to stop Tom from marriage trap and until it is too late to realize his dream, instead of solving domestic issues with his betrothed. And then he throws the family takes a Tom and indulges in all serious. "Bachelors in isolation" - a light and lively comedy about the French elections, which have to do in life: a personal happiness, caring for the woman he loves and shared prosperity, or the pursuit of a vocation. Of course, at that, and the other way has its drawbacks. In spite of the great difference in age, Gilbert and Tom share one thing: they both are in crisis - the only one of its 30 waives the case of a lifetime, and the other at 60 regrets that at the time refused. Directed by Antonio Marciano he worked on a script co-written with Max Bublilem known on the Internet by the French stand-up comedian, musician and actor, and they turned out really funny, well-written and played, full of life and joy comedy. However, for the sake of comedy film places it turns into a collection of small unrelated gags, but generally in the frame such life-affirming atmosphere reigns that all minor flaws fade into the background and, in any case, this comedy will be a good distraction. Elder French comedy Alen Shaba and Max Bublil, cute and attractive rake, organic and charming in the frame and create a great comedy duo. However, while male characters are convincing and are made of flesh and blood, women are forced to languish on the periphery. As a magical assistant in a rather bleak cameo advocates who in this film is on everyone's lips - he Iggy Pop, who frankly out of place among the French.

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