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les fugitifs

Download Les fugitifs full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:35

Genre: Comedy crime

Country: France

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: Francis Veber

Actors: Per Rishar, Zherar Deparde, Zhan Karme, Moris Bare, Jean Bengigi, Roland Blanche Anaïs Bret, Filipp Lelevr, Ivelin Ayo Didier Peng


Year: December 17, 1986 (World)

Download Les fugitifs

Download Les fugitifs full movie for free. After leaving prison, Zhan Lyuka - bank robber, decides to strike up with a criminal record forever. He goes to the bank, now as a simple client and falls hostage to Pignone, which this bank is just robbing. Fransua Pinon - unhappy unemployed with a sick daughter in her arms, in desperation decided on a last attempt to get money. As a result, the police understand the opposite - they see in Luke's kidnapper, and François - hostage. Both fled, hiding from persecution. The classic French comedy "The Runaways," a duet with the inimitable Pierre Richard and Zherara Deparde.

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User's Review:

"The Runaways" - classic and timeless sitcom from prominent Frenchman Francis Weber ( "Jaguar", "Papa"), taken them back in 1986, according to his own scenario in which it is the third time successfully pleased superuspeshnym viewer bright and unique acting tandem Zherara Deparde and Pierre Richard. The plot of this film begins with Zhana Lyuka, the famous and seasoned bank robber who is released from prison with a firm decision to do away with criminal past and start a new life. First he goes to the bank, but do not rob, as usual, but to open itself finally score, and then again in vlyapyvaetsya dubious history ironically. Some unemployed named Fransua Pinon, bringing up alone little daughter Jeanne, which, after the death of the mother is no longer even speak in desperation decides to rob a bank, and breaks into it just in time for the arrival of Zhana Lyuka and when gathers the police on alert, he takes the former felon hostage and he miraculously manages to escape. The police, knowing perfectly well who is Luke, believes that a robbery just his doing, and vice versa Pignon hostage. Lurking in every way from the prosecution, the main characters fall into various funny rework and Jeanne imbued with sympathy and warmth to Luke, and they become good friends, well, since robbery is guilty of Pignon, the girl threatened to stay for a long time without a father, if he confesses around the police. And now our heroes have to find the right solution for everyone in this complicated situation. Francis Veber - truly directed by God, had an amazing ability to understand and feel what the public wants. The most amazing thing is that after this film for 26 years, and it does not look or per gram of date, his every joke works just as well, as then, chases and adventures still dazzled and puny and curly Per Rishar ( "Paris, Paris "," to the left of the elevator ") and a gruff husky Zherar Deparde (" Sirano de Berzherak "," Les Miserables "), all as riveting attention and amuse you to colic. These two outstanding actors have created together a very solid and organic duo, playing on their not typical movie looks and different character of his characters brilliantly complement each other, and giving the world the cult heroes of a generation of moviegoers who have grown up on them. It seems to me, "The Runaways" Weber - is an example of mass comedy, cinema is like (or like) almost everyone, and smart guy, and not very demanding people, and children, and the elderly, it combines the general delight and laughter of people with completely opposite tastes , traditions, nationalities, and what is its magic lies in what this formula is the global success for me is still a mystery.

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