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Le magasin des suicides

Download movie Le magasin des suicides for free.

Movie Length: 1:25

Genre: Musical comedy cartoons

Country: Belgium, Canada, France

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Patris Lekont

Actors: Bernar Alan, Izabel Spad, Keysi Mottet Klyayn, Izabel Dzhani, Loran Zhandron, Pierre-François Martin-Laval, Eric Metaye Jacques Mato, Yurben Canseliet, Pascal Parmentier


Year: March 7, 2013

Download Le magasin des suicides

Free Le magasin des suicides movie torrent. Surreal cartoon. In a certain city, where life is incredibly dull and unbearable for many generations thriving store that sells everything you need to commit suicide. Everything is going great up until the family of the owner of this shop is not born Alan - cheerful and funny kid. Cartoon "Suicide Shop" - the first animated film by director Patrice Leconte.

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Our Review:

Stark raving mad, or not say, French cartoon of being unbearable. Residents depressive French metropolis, languishing from boredom and melancholy, crowds of their own lives. This helps them to "Suicide Shop" - beautifully decorated shop with a rich assortment of ropes, stools, poisons, knives and other tools for suicide. Mom, like Dolores Umbridge, Dad, if a relative Addams Family, and their two teenage children, gothic from birth. Store the case slightly staggered when on light there is another child, Alan. It is unbearable cheerful boy who cheerfully says clients "goodbye" instead of "goodbye", loves his infernal little family and wants all around smiling. Despite the relatively happy (not counting dozens of suicides that have occurred since the filing of this family or not) the final and vital music, gloomy impression. It is not only in the number of corpses and numerous reviews of the tragic circumstances that have forced many to commit suicide. It's not even that little Alan somehow not very well obsessed with the beauty of his sister and the girl draws in his notebook naked. (Oh, and he smokes - with the filing of the Pope.) Just do not understand what all this whole makabr. Rated "12+", of course, will protect the most delicate part of the audience, but in 12 years, more than an hour to watch people hang themselves, herbs, shoots and whitefish from the bridge - not the most useful thing. Even if it is accompanied by singing. It may seem unnecessary tediousness, but in the "shop…"No special fun or humor can lighten the atmosphere, so that every situation willingly or unwillingly is applied to him. But the situation here is more than enough. "Mom, why can not I cut a vein?" Why indeed? It is not detached surreal world of Tim Burton, not frank Gloom and satanic fun family Adams. It is a strange, dull and unpleasant world, the only bright spot in which - a bright toy-store for suicide. The hosts then it was made into a Creperie, but the sediment remains, all the more so in the pancakes you can put anything you like. And the best joke this is that in Russia it comes just before Carnival.

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