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Le gendarme en balade

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Movie Length: 1:47

Genre: Comedy

Country: Italy, France

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Zhan Zhiro

Actors: Louis de Funes, Zhan Lefevr, Guy Grosso Michel Modo, Nikol Vervil, France Rumilli, Iv Vensan, Christian Marin, Claude Gensac, Michel Galabru


Year: October 28, 1970 (World)

Download Le gendarme en balade

Free Le gendarme en balade movie torrent. Once police authorities decided to replace the old structure of the gendarmerie on young recruits and high. Therefore sergeant Cruchot and his comrades sent to the well-deserved retirement. They would be pleased so to relax at your leisure, but none of the gendarmes could not find themselves out of service. Kryusho falls especially hard, who spends all his time in St Tropez the museum he created the gendarmerie. When Kryusho learns that his friend land mine lost his memory and now lives in spetspansionate, he collects all his colleagues to once again put on the shape of the gendarmerie and the old memories back roadside bombs. "The policeman on holiday" - the fourth comedy in the series about the adventures of restless gendarme Cruchot by Lui De Funes.

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User's Review:

Before us is a fine example of French comedy with the inimitable, the great comedian Lui De Funes. The film is presented to the audience with their special flavor, color, quality, sometimes sparkling humor, as in the best tradition of the French comedy, yet it is a comedy with M. Funes, was given a new development of this genre in France. A gorgeous image of a gendarme of Saint-Tropez, "made" Funes is the clearest example of transformation, empathy in the role. It's true then? And, of course, do not forget about the most memorable role as Michel Galabru Jerome Zherbera. What these two actors get up on the screen - it's just a fairy humor. Nothing I write about the story, because the story is not on the foreground, more importantly, it is an amazing game actors. And in the fullness of understanding of the French comedy Monsieur Funes, I recommend to watch the rest of the "gendarmes".

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