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La cerise sur le gâteau

Download La cerise sur le gâteau full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:23

Genre: Comedy

Country: France

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Laura Morante

Actors: Laura Morante, Pascal Elbe, Isabelle Carré, Samir Gesmi, Patris Tibo, Frederik Pero, Luisiliya Clement, Ennio Fantastichini, Vanessa Larry Zhorzh Kless

Budget: 2 500 000 €

Year: December 20, 2012

Download La cerise sur le gâteau

La cerise sur le gâteau download movie. A romantic comedy about a woman who is unlucky in love. Amanda is confident that all men are always too hard. Her best friend thinks that Amanda's time to settle down and make a final choice already and her psychoanalyst puts disappointing diagnosis: a disaster. This is what happens when the relationship Amanda begin to strive for a wedding ring. But even this unlucky woman can be happy, even the elect Amanda and is not interested in women. "Cherry on New Year's cake" - a debut as a director and writer of the famous Italian actress Laura Morante.

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Our Review:

French romantic comedy Christmas in the traditional spirit, but, like many contemporary European films, too sad. Political correctness is clearly not add vitality of French cinema. Amanda (Morante), nervous middle-aged Parisian male hatred suffering complex. The whole experience of building a life with any representative of the stronger sex convinces her that all men - selfish and inconsiderate bastards. A woman has a sad middle-aged boyfriend that its just annoying, and a black teenage daughter. On the other hand, the best friend is happily married and still hopes to arrange a personal life Amanda. One day she invites her to a party, where he met with a man dreams (Elbe), experiencing the recent collapse of a previous marriage. Amanda without memory falls in love, but mistakenly decides that the Elbe was gay. In general, a film on the theme of "all men goats, one got a decent, and he turned out to be…". For his directorial debut, the Italian actress Laura Morante choose a worthy genre "French comedy about the little people," once gave us a lot of wonderful films. At first the atmosphere of "cherry on the New Year's cake" is very similar to those happy years, but politically correct signs of the times invisible poison her. The comedy is not so much funny, and generally over the fate of the characters rather want to cry, Amanda literally does when her daughter reading a passage from "Beauty and the Beast." However, the laws of a Christmas movie and take their miracle will happen. Despite the excessive mush final, in general it turned out good European mainstream for an intelligent audience.

User's Review:

A great movie! Stories from gay to us not relevant for Europe (at least in movies about them and their feelings), but I have a friend who absolutely must see this movie. They have a clear Androphobia, it will surely be very useful, before I met my husband and I had. In general, very rkkomenduyu single women, who in search of and do not understand what they are doing wrong.

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