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Krampus download movie.

Movie Length: 1:38

Genre: Comedy Fantasy Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Maykl Dogerti

Actors: Adam Scott, Toni Collette, Devid Kokner, Allison Tolman, Conchata Ferrell, MJ Antony, Stefania Owen, Krista Stadler, Mark Atkin, Trevor Bau

Budget: $ 15 million

Year: January 1, 2016

download Krampus

Free Krampus movie torrent. What a wonderful holiday! Is about to knock on the door of Santa Claus. But not this time. They have broken the sacred rule - had a fight on Christmas Day. Now they yavyatsya Krampus and his loyal minions.

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Our Review:

January 1 rolling out a family horror of Santa Claus antipode previous full-length work of director Michael Dougherty - dedicated to Halloween horror "Trick or money" - came out eight years ago and has gained a cult status. Apparently, so the filmmaker and decided to devote the next film festival. True, his tape of Christmas "Krampus" is unlikely to be remembered as long. Max (MJ Antony) still believes in Santa Claus, although many children his age is not so naive. Perhaps the fact that the boy feel the spirit of the holiday beloved grandmother taught Omi (Krista Stadler). However, prepared for Santa, and says he's tired of waiting and hope when the next Christmas to stay a few days in the house of Max's family get hamovatye (to put it mildly) family, the child bursts patience, he tears the letter. The next morning sweeps district, in front of the porch where something appears menacing snowman and phones refuse to work. First, Max and relatives think it's just a storm, but then jumps on the roof of the house is a strange bipedal creature with horns and hooves of the boxes with gifts begins to climb evil and even ginger biscuits in the form of men suddenly lunges at people. "Krampus" opens with a scene in the supermarket: Inflamed adults and children break into a store and begin not in jest, but seriously fight for the gifts. Perhaps this is the start of the Christmas funny comedy in recent years. Therefore, it remains only to regret that Doherty refused to remain in the comedy (albeit black) and tried to combine with funny scary. As a result, the tape has got all the disadvantages inherent in a cheap horror, and at the same time lost part of the comedic charm. Heroes "Krampus" is not very consistent and was happy to commit follies. Joke they do a little better, but what really nothing to joke when you attack a toy robot killer or clown-eater. By the way, the monsters in the film quite ingenious, but not terrible. Oddly enough, "Krampus" in the Russian Federation was given rating of 16+, Doherty scares sluggish and do not pour excess blood that probably disappoint fans of the "adults" horror movies. Furthermore, Dougherty, like his characters, shows glaring inconsistency. For some reason he sticks in the middle of the tape animated fragment that looks good, but does not correspond to the general mood. He concludes the film by 20 minutes later than it should (or Max, or other characters do not have enough charisma to watch them get bored pretty quickly), casts a picture as much as three endings and, worse, as a final selects the most absurd. In general, "Krampus", it seems, did not really understand what he wanted to be: a Christmas tale about family values, sarcastic statement about Christmas or the horror of anti-Santa Claus. So viewers are likely to be out with sessions not frightened or cheer, and in a state of bewilderment.

User's Review:

Average Christmas, a family holiday, a lot of relatives in their home and who do not always converge characters. That's on a family holiday and Max turned out that the family of each other does not want to accept. A feast for the little hero has ceased to be happy and he lost hope and faith to all justice and family well-being. Max hated Christmas, for which he was supposed to teach a lesson evil Krampus. As I understand, the moral of the film shows that the hope must not die is not something that the latter, and at all to be unsinkable. But the script is a very bad idea and expressed the essence of the film, though some comedy scenes and still present. Though the film and fabulous, but still some of the stories seemed too paranormal: parents to let daughter in such bad weather to the guy or the bear and pechenyuhi mocked people! This is too much, especially since the film is classified as horror, but it is a solid comedy!

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