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Download Joséphine full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:28

Genre: Comedy

Country: France

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Agnes Obadia

Actors: Marilou Berry, Mehdi Nebbia, Bérengère Crieff, Armel Chahbi Cyril Guy, Sharli Dyupon, Alis Pol, Caroline Anglade, Bruno Podalides, Arben Bajraktaraj


Year: October 3, 2013

download Joséphine

Free Joséphine movie torrent. Romantic comedy. Josephine is almost 30, and she has a great ass, which, in her opinion, is the main reason for the lack of privacy. She desperately tries to deal with his fifth point of liposuction and cellulite washcloths, but all in vain. The only consolation is that she lives with Brad Pitt - that was the name of her cat. But the last straw will be the news that her sister is getting married. Unable to come to terms with the fact that everything found their halves, Josephine comes up with a novel Brazilian surgeon, to whom she allegedly flies over the ocean. The film "I want to like Bridget" is based on the comic book of Penelope Bago "Josephine."

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Our Review:

French comedy in the style of the adventures of Bridzhet Dzhons. "Searching for adventure on his ass" - this is the case, in the truest sense of the word. Romantic comedy Agnes Obadia will be interesting to fans of French actress Zhozian Balasko ( "Arlette", "Libertine" by Gabriel Aghion, "Jezebel"). The main role in the "I want to like Bridget" played her daughter, Marilou Berry. Have someone with whom to compare. Josephine (Berry) - 30-year-old lonely Parisian suffering (the official version) on the size of his own ass, but actually (version unofficial) from laziness, envy thin sister and shortsightedness (can not see happiness in his personal life, even when it crept close). In an effort to win the respect of parents and confound sister, Josephine says that marries the successful Brazilian surgeon. Surprisingly, this lie believed by all, including close friends, so Jojo is forced to play the multi-pass combination, it is not knowing how to get out of the game. Romantic comedy about a simple female happiness seeker having nemodelnymi parameters figures appear on wide screens with the same frequency with which in women's magazines publish articles "10 golden rules for losing weight." The flagship remains "Bridzhet Dzhons Diary" a stern no less wide than that of Josephine, and swarming around the smaller projects, but the theme remains relevant. Despite the fact that Marilou Berry own style and his own way of making people laugh at Balasko it looks like even in small things, in the smallest of facial plastic and antics. Not to mention the appearance. But this corporate family style does not spoil the fun of the story he told bored. It is full of unusual and funny situations, deliberately strictly, if not mocking, observed all the rules of political correctness (one of the best friends Jojo - black gay). This film is able to brighten up your lonely (or not alone) night is better than a warm blanket, purring cat and tub of ice cream together. And the inevitable retribution in the form of diet you will think tomorrow. Or Monday.

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