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hudson Hawk

Hudson Hawk download movie.

Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Comedy Action Adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Maykl Lemann

Actors: Bryus Uillis, Denni Ayello, Endi Makdauell, Dzheyms Kobern, Richard E. Grant, Sandra Bernhard, Donald Burton, Don Harvey, Devid Karuzo, Endryu Brinyarski

Budget: $ 65 million

Year: May 24, 1991 (World)

Download Hudson Hawk

Download Hudson Hawk full movie for free. Thief Eddie Hawkins (Bryus Uillis), known as Hudson Hawk - a true professional. He developed his skills to such an extent that it can, for example, a few minutes to open any safe. But it so happened that Eddie was in prison. After serving his sentence, he decides to retire. However, with his talent it is not so easy to do - it's too many representatives of the criminal world desperately needs such a craftsman like Eddie. A new job, which he will have to perform - the theft of three paintings by Leonardo da Vinci.

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User's Review:

Cult film fans among Russian crime comedy, filmed back in 1991 year the great American director Mayklom Lemannom ( "40 Days, 40 Nights," "Empty-Heads") from a screenplay by our people adored Hollywood actor Bryusa Uillisa, who played here as well, and the title role. The fraudster and a brilliant robber named Eddie Hawkins only goes after his release from prison, Sing Sing, what immediately got involved in trouble. One crazy family couple, consisting of an obsessed fan of fine art Darwin Mayflower and its eccentric little wife Minerva, found out about the unique talent of criminal Eddie force force him to steal for them three unique artifact of the Leonardo da Vinci, by connecting together that can be converted into gold lead. The difficulty is that these artifacts are stored in the most serious world museums, one of which Eddie meets a beautiful agent Vatican Annoy Barali, and with it, he will not only save the world from villains, but twirl serious novel. I do not remember how many hundreds of times I have revisited this provocative, light, ironic and even a music band, and to be honest have not seen in the life of a single person who has this film would have caused at least some negative emotions. And in this regard, for me and it is not clear that this film at the time failed miserably in worldwide box office and earned also three "Razzie" for worst film of the year, the worst director and screenplay. About how! For me personally - this is an absolute classic crime comedy in which an unusually organically involved almost all genres at once, from the musical, and ending with an exciting adventure movie, stunning and citationality dialogues, beautiful romantic line, historical references, spectacular stunts and dynamic shooting Dante Spinotti ( "Fight"), well, and of course, knocked down charisma has not yet bald Bryusa Uillisa ( "The Fifth element," "The Last Boy scout"), which in the 90s was in his best form and brilliantly combined confidence and island A joker, and tough man of the people. No less vivid here and vtoroplanovyh composition, where a wide variety of great and unusual villains played by Richard E. Grant ( "Henry and June"), Sandra Bernhard ( "King of Comedy"), Devid Karuzo ( "NYPD") and Dzheyms Koborn ( "Sorrow"), as well as graced the film with their participation luxurious Endi Makdauell ( "Four weddings and a funeral"), a partner of the protagonist played racy good man Danny Ayello ( "Once Around"). It is difficult to imagine a person who has never seen the tape, but if there are, I sincerely pity them, many are missing.

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