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How to Train Your Dragon

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Movie Length: 1:38

Genre: Comedy Children's cartoon adventure family fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.2


Actors: Dzhey Barushel, Dzherard Batler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kreyg Fergyuson, America Ferrera, Dzhona Hill, Tidzhey Miller, Kristen Wiig, Robin Atkin Downes, Philip MakGreydi

Budget: $ 165 million

Year: March 18, 2010

Download How to Train Your Dragon

Download movie How to Train Your Dragon for free. In the harsh northern edge, where the first nine months of the year snowing, and three more - it hails, on the sea cliff hanging over the mighty bearded Vikings centuries forge axes and hack of dragons. In turn, the dragons centuries hauling sheep, burning log houses and people bite off a limb. The national war, AWOL - only frail, like a hipster boy Icking: accidentally knocking the rare black dragon, he starts to feed it - though had to be slaughtered.

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Our Review:

Friendship, which broke out between a boy and a dragon, helps to find answers to a variety of important issues. Icking teenager, the son of Viking chief, inhabiting the island boobies, is not like the others. Not only that, he, by local standards, skinny, so more and eccentric - instead develop the physical strength, invents different gimmicks. All these traps should help in the fight with dragons, which for years plagued the locals. But every time something goes wrong. Icking sure that attitude will change as only he can win his first dragon. During the battle, he manages to knock out the most terrible reptile - Night Fury. A boy finds a wounded animal in the forest, but can not finish it, and releases. Due to an injury dragon could not fly, and the boy began to look after him. He fashioned a prosthesis for the tail, brought food, even gave him a nickname - Bezzubik. Thus began a remarkable friendship between the two dissimilar creatures. Icking learned a lot about dragons that helped him to tame even the most terrible of them. The phenomenon of new work studio DreamWorks is that the total audience ratings "So cute!". When that plot, in general, is secondary, and the heroes of the characters are not spelled out quite clearly. Few really funny moments, so few hohmochek that go unnoticed. No, unlike other animation studio movies, no parodies of film distribution. What, then, makes the audience cartoon put good grades? Perhaps not least - hyperfine study species. Qualitative drawing plans displays animation to a new level of art. And quite accurate battle scenes - sometimes it seems that the creators wanted to release a sort of "Avatar" for the kids. But the most important part of the success - it's dragons. They are all different, detailed, awesome and beautiful. It is very similar to the seals and fur seals are known to love all. In general, though, "How to Train Your Dragon" can not be called a masterpiece for the ages, but the time spent on viewing will not be sorry. It's so cute!

User's Review:

I really liked this movie. He is one of a series of "it's just you should at least once to see." In my opinion, the basic idea of ​​the film accurately and succinctly expresses one of the replicas of the protagonist: "We do not know them at all. No need to kill them. " The general view of the film can not be called a waste of time. Therefore, my assessment of 10 out of 10.

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