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Here Comes the Boom

Free download Here Comes the Boom movie.

Movie Length: 1:45

Genre: Comedy thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Frank Coraci

Actors: Salma Hayek, Kevin Dzheyms, Henry Winkler, Greg Germann, Melissa Peterman, Dzho Rogan, Gari Valentayn, Reggi Li, Sarah Fisher, Bas Rutten, Greg Paul


Year: December 6, 2012

Download Here Comes the Boom

Free download Here Comes the Boom movie. "Here Comes the Boom" - the classic American comedy. Scott - school teacher who moonlights in clandestine fights without rules. However, for the most part as a punching bag, while pursuing a purely altruistic goals: to help preserve the native school music program that went under the budget cut. Despite this, his passion for relatives and colleagues are quite skeptical. But the end justifies the means, especially when the goal is so good.

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Our Review:

Another American school-sports comedy made as a blueprint with dozens, if not hundreds of these films. Biology teacher Scott Voss (James) has long left behind the crisis of middle age, lives and works without straining. Once in his youth he was interested in martial arts and now razdobrel literally and figuratively. Biology of normal children, in his opinion, it is not necessary, and it does not torment them extra knowledge. About the same position is shared by the school administration, not only about biology, about the musical circle, which is going to reduce because of the lack of funding. But it is precisely this-that Scott can not agree. After all, music - is another matter! And he decides to search for the club money, get in the ring fighting without rules, where it is converted into a whipping boy. Only in the literal sense of the word. Perhaps the best joke tape was the original name - Here Comes the Boom, as it is a clear reference to a song by George Harrison Here Comes the Sun, it is clear that a happy ending is inevitable. For the rest, it is a film, which at all desire is impossible to write a spoiler - surely there are people for whom the development of events and the finals may be a surprise? The problem is rather different: it is not clear that all can tell about this picture except that it is a typical comedy directed by Frank Coraci ( "The Wedding Singer", "Click", "Zookeeper" and the like)? That's really the story of life. As a child, I had a friend, about such talk: "He has won first place at the International Mathematical Olympiad, his photo was published in the journal "Quantum"And he entered without exams Mekhmat ". The appearance of a Man was corresponding - tall, skinny bespectacled man with a strange gleam behind the lenses. When teenagers tease him a botanist, he replied: "I'm not a nerd. I am a biologist, "which drives them into a stupor as well as about the mystery" A and B were sitting on the tube "robots in the movie" Teens in the Universe. " But despite the appearance, my friend was a dangerous opponent - it is easily tightened 15 times and being a weirdo, it is not afraid of anything. I never thought that I would write about it in his review of the film "Here Comes the Boom." If only we knew from what rubbish.

User's Review:

The film does not pretend to be a classic, but it looks easy. In all of this, it does not look cheap trash movies. Dignity and not even a single view. Decoupling is very fast, we would like to continue a little longer, but the entire movie holds on a wave of good mood. I advise to look not without skepticism easy !!!

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