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Happy Feet Two

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Movie Length: 1:40

Genre: Musical comedy cartoons family

Country: Australia

IMDB rating: 5.9


Actors: Elaydzha Vud, Robin Williams, Pink, Carlos Alasraki Lombardo Boyyar, Dzheff Garsia, Sofia Vergara, Brad Pitt, Mett Deymon, Hyugo Uiving

Budget: $ 130 million

Year: December 1, 2011

Download Happy Feet Two

Free download Happy Feet Two movie. Mumble has had time to grow up and even got offspring. Only snag is that his son, an independent and slightly impudent Eric does not want to learn to dance. Eric wants more - he tends to fly. The problem of fathers and children, and the difference in the interest threatens to escalate into irreconcilable conflict, however, Mumble and Erik time to understand what is common among them is much greater.

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Our Review:

Continuation of the popular cartoon-musical "Happy Feet." The rhythms of American hip-hop emperor penguins learn to fly, as well as re-solve the problem of relations between fathers and children. The protagonist of the first film penguin Mumble fought for their right to dance, not sing. Now he grew up, became a father and dreams of making his son Eric Antarctic star of the dance floor. However penguin dancing cause the baby only gloom (and here it, to be honest, you can understand). Eric wants to learn to fly, but Mumble's son explains that this is impossible. And why the penguin fly, because tap, and hip-hop is much more fun. Mumble and Erik to solve another conflict between fathers and children, and also to find their place in life. At the same time in the depths of the sea a couple of shrimp, krill goes up the food chain, intending to take a higher position in it. "Penguins learn to fly" - the story was not new to the children's animation, such a move has to beat, for example, in the movie 1995 "The lens and the Penguin" Don Bluth. Designed in the classic Disney style (although this MGM), the film is not made at the time of high fees. Then came other times, other technologies attract attention, which do wonders with any genre. Despite all attempts to theatrical producers to instill love for the Russian audience of the American musical, a genre that has not caught on our stage. But cartoons with musical situation is the opposite - people are coming down on their shaft. Obviously, the bright picture, a riot of colors and fun characters in the form of small animals okarikaturennyh give vigorous melodies the American entertainment that successfully replaces both the meaning and plot. With the last two components of the creators of "Happy Feet 2" not particularly wise, and why? People go to these cartoons for the portion of the pure, unclouded, excuse the expression, positive, and get what they want. However, for the full success of such films is still needed and humor - as a rule, it is all sorts of funny dialogues and gags. With this picture in George Miller's somehow not very much - the main characters of jokes rather strained, and the second story line about the shrimp, krill seems unnecessary and absolutely does not work. Although the underwater world in which they live these characters drawn very beautiful, and admired their audience most likely simply will not pay attention to the chatter of the thinking of plankton.

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