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Happy Feet

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Movie Length: 1:44

Genre: Musical comedy cartoons family

Country: USA, Australia

IMDB rating: 6.5


Actors: Elaydzha Vud, Robin Williams, Brittani Merfi, Hyu Dzhekman, Nicole Kidman, Hyugo Uiving, Miriam Margolis, Carlos Alasraki Lombardo Boyyar, Dzheff Garsia

Budget: $ 100 million

Year: December 21, 2006

Download Happy Feet

Free Happy Feet movie torrent. All Emperor penguins living in Antarctica, has a remarkable vocal abilities. And how on earth could happen - Marble born penguin who can not sing at all. But nature has endowed his dancing skills - toddler famously danced tap. Parents "child prodigy" Memphis and Norma Jean, I can not put up with "talent" son and hope that someday Marble becomes normal penguin and can, like everyone else, to bring his beloved beautiful singing. But even he grew up and fell in love with Gloria, Marble could not stop tap dance ...

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Our Review:

Among the glittering ice of Antarctica live beautiful emperor penguins. They hatch the eggs, raise offspring and kept singing - this is the only way to express their feelings, find friends, conquer the future darling. And the light appears Mumble, who, instead of singing, tap-dance. This leads to the horror of his parents and elders is unequivocal condemnation. In the end, the leaders of the pack Mumble kicked out, declaring that it was due to his "shamanic dances" all the fish disappeared into the sea. Sad Penguin goes to look for the true causes of universal famine, namely the "mysterious alien bipeds without feathers." Travel gets a long and full of dangers. Episodic Penguins "Madagascar" captivated the audience so much that it would, at least, it's silly not to devote their full-length cartoon. It took Dzhordzh Miller - creator of the stories about the pig Babe, Mad Max and The Witches of Eastwick. And although the catch phrase like "smile and wave", the new penguin history there, the film has turned out quite decent view during Christmas holidays. Only now it seems that the "Happy Feet" is calculated is still a more adult audience. Then you and the problems of ecology and the destruction of the food chain, and the eternal "Fathers and Sons", and a public reprimand anyone give us something different from the majority, and, in practice, religious persecution and tragic love. The plot, of course, somewhat illogical. But the beauty of animation captivates from the first frame. White ice, flying with huge peaks in the water, prom fireworks under the northern lights, beautiful sea elephants, the storm - all traced carefully and with love. One can only hope that the reality of the murderous gaze seal, which promises to return, or the open shark mouth does not frighten especially impressionable children. On the other hand, today's children have never seen this.

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