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Get Him to the Greek

Free download Get Him to the Greek movie.

Movie Length: 1:49

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Actors: Russell Brand, Dzhona Hill, Rouz Birn, Elisabeth Moss, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Dina Stabb, Lino Facioli, Kolm Mini, Tayler Makkinni, Zoe Salmon

Budget: $ 40 million

Year: June 3, 2010

Download Get Him to the Greek

Free download Get Him to the Greek movie. Aaron Greenberg got the job, which was the dream life. But he never expected that his first task would be to bring back from London to Los Angeles rebellious rock star. Aldus Snow - a former idol of millions, the famous rocker and a wonderful musician, who after a long peak is going to return to the big stage. But his character ruined by alcohol and corrupted by money so that any flashed skirt can entice him into the maelstrom of furious adventure in which the very concept of lost time…

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Our Review:

The peculiar development of a secondary storyline from the comedy "In flight", focuses on career muzyknata Aldosa Snou. Plump and cheerful intern record company (Dzhona Hill) offers a planning meeting (a rare moment of hyper-realism in the race director's imagination) stupid idea - to bring to Los Angeles, Aldosa Snou (Russell Brand), the British star, inexorably fading after recording especially situational songs about Africa children. Bosses (Puff DEDI) gives surprisingly good and pudding on the parting quarrel with the ever-carotid wife nurse, flying to London mannered rocker take from his apartment overlooking the Thames. Word for word, a glass here, a pint there, and now the recent strong family man lies somewhere in the brothels Vegas. Zablevali jacket in my head - white noise in the ass - dildos Strap and including the iPhone itself provides live coverage of the orgy in Los Angeles. The origin of "Escape" is already apparent casting. Yes, this is another project by Judd Apatow, voluntary continuation beach comedy "In flight" - moody rocker Snow appeared and there. But, like any apatouvsky anecdote, in the depths of his soul alco-rocker is - comedy relations. Several protracted spree offended spouse of begins with a statement of the tragic mismatch of biorhythms of husband and wife, and the dramatic point of no return here it is necessary to consult a family psychologist (as Dr. acts suddenly sobered Snow), gradually creeps in group sex. In the film, a lot of bold obscenity - from create fake clip African Child c disgustingly sweet brands coyly grimace on the background of the genocide in Rwanda, to the unshaven double chin Jonah Hill (even well-designed anal theme seems the lyrics compared with that hairy hemisphere). However, the only time when you're visiting the embarrassment of his presence in the room - not the ones when the screen shines naked ass Hill. Idefiks Stoller - a pop talents Brenda, and at first, with African children, everything goes fine. But the fourth time in a half hour to look at the pop-parody in its sophistication nearly merges with the object of ridicule? It has neither the patience nor postmodernism.


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