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Furry Vengeance

Furry Vengeance download movie.

Movie Length: 1:32

Genre: Comedy family

Country: USA, United Arab Emirates

IMDB rating: 3.8

Director: Rodzher Kambl

Actors: Brendan Fraser, Bruk Shilds, Riki Garsia, Yudzhin Kordero, Patrice O'Neal, Dzhim Norton, Matt Prokop, Billy Bush, Ken Jeong, Andzhela Kinsi

Budget: $ 35 million

Year: April 29, 2010

Download Furry Vengeance

Free download Furry Vengeance movie. At the site of green and densely populated wildlife woods one big boss - Neil Lyman, part-time lover of nature and hypermarkets, decides to deploy a large construction site. He instructs smug developer Dan Sanders cut down part of the forest. Dan refers to nature completely indifferent (unlike his wife and son), and now you hear the noise of excavators and trucks, but then interfere with wild forest forces led by artful and enterprising raccoon. They will try by all means to protect their home.

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Our Review:

The owner of a large construction company, greedy and unscrupulous Nil Layman (Ken Jeong), decided to cut down the forest land in Oregon and build on the freed place a gated development and shopping center. His spineless assistant manager Dan Sanders (Brendan Fraser), already living near the construction site in the model house and runs around the boiling operation. He directs it badly, because, first of all, at heart sympathizes with wildlife, and secondly, the head of it whatsoever. Sluggish during the process quickens when the surrounding inhabitants in the face of a raccoon, skunks, otters, wild turkeys and other creatures will learn about the company's plans and begin to actively oppose them. The most accessible target for them - Sanders. Most of the "Furry Vengeance" is reserved for acts of vandalism, intimidation and outright terror of the forest brotherhood. There was not one part of the body Brendana Freyzera, which would not be attacked. If we consider that the hero of "Mummy" thoroughly ugly and stout, the picture becomes almost a tragic hue. In recent years, Fraser has been seen only in science fiction questionable content ( "The Mummy 3", "Cobra") or films for family viewing ( "Inkheart", "Journey to the Center of the Earth"). The "Furry Vengeance" he obviously intends to disrupt the laughter of the youngest part of the audience his impressive belly sticking out plaintively pink tracksuit. What will happen next - it is terrible to imagine. The main advantage of the picture, not counting the luxury Bruk Shilds as a wife Sanders - of course, birds, animals, little animals and beasts, from the cowardly and arrogant protein to a confident bear. Number of affected fauna almost catches up with the cast of "Evan Almighty", touches, fun and variety to expression Fraser person. Unfortunately, this fauna wastes nalyapany the entire film like beacons warning "is supposed to be funny." Laugh, perhaps, at the sight of the car usizhennogo birds, and in the scene of the unequal struggle raccoon with the main character, during which Sanders recklessly brings the beast is too close to the face. If you love animals and sad fat people, and you do 5-7 years of age, you will no doubt be charmed.

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