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Finding Dory

You have not seen her?

Finding Dory download movie.

Movie Length: 1:43

Genre: Cartoons Comedy Family Adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.4


Actors: Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O'Neill, Kaitlin Olson, Hayden Roulens Ty Burell, Dayan Kiton, Yudzhin Levi, Idris Elba, Dominic West, Bill Hader, Keyt Makkinnon, Sigurni Uiver, Uillem Defo, Ellison Dzhenni

Budget: $ 200 million

Year: June 16, 2016

Download Finding Dory

Download movie Finding Dory for free. She had forgotten more than you'll ever know. It speaks the language of whales and dancing at a party with sharks. During the search for Nemo, she found friends - now it's time to find a family. Dory fish returns to the screen - and it's even funnier than ever! The older Dori, the more it tortured questions about the past. Where she was born? Who are her parents? What's wrong with her memory? What was the first question? To find answers Dory, Nemo and his father Marlin Embark on an exciting journey. As before, they are waiting for a funny adventure, fun (and not) the inhabitants of the ocean, and, of course, new friends.

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Our Review:

What does all this studio Pixar and directed by Endryu Stenton 13 years later released the sequel to his famous film "Finding Nemo." It is devoted to the fate of one of his characters, rock fish blue surgeon named Dory. However, despite the name, looking at this picture, not Dori - she is looking for his parents, who got lost in the deep childhood. And help her in this Marlin, Nemo and many new characters, most of whom suffer from physical disabilities or phobias. By comparison, Dorin amnesia - that's nothing! Why watch The case where the sequel is not issued for a quick cut down more money on the successful original design. Despite the fact that fish are once again go in search of their loved ones, the topic turned in a new way, and it's not just that it is now an adult individual looking for the parents, not his father's son. First of all, this is a picture of beings with physical disabilities and mental health problems. So broadly similar subject rarely raised in a children's cinema, and all done in moderation, with tact and firm Pixar humor. The plot is full of exciting events, and the picture is diverse and full of interesting details for a small audience. Why can we not see And this is the case when the deficiencies directly stem from the merits. The film can not see, if you are an adult and you do not have young children. It is boring to you but not to be, but there is nothing particularly interesting and new for yourself you will not see. Added to this is excessive talkativeness number of characters, and even the title-character speaks directly. And though it's part of her image - sometimes this feature begins to tire.

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