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Eyjafjallojökull download movie.

Movie Length: 1:32

Genre: Comedy

Country: France

IMDB rating: 5.5

Director: Alexander Koffre

Actors: Valerie Bonneton, Deni Bun, Denis Ménochet, Albert Delpy, Beranzher MakNis Malik Bentalha, Constance Dollé, Miriam Azenkot, Arno Anriet, Jan Sorton

Budget: 20 million €

Year: May 15, 2014

download Eyjafjallojökull

Download movie Eyjafjallojökull for free. Romantic comedy. Where would you like to meet with your ex? Not in a nearby chair aircraft to survive together long flight. And certainly not in the same car, contrary to the Icelandic volcano with the unpronounceable name, to cross the whole of Europe. When you passionately hate each other, anything can happen. And hijack a plane and crash, and escape from the police, and even the return of romance. "The volcano of passion" - the second film director and screenwriter Alexander Koffre.

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Our Review:

French anti-romantic sitcom about hating each other divorced spouses who are forced to get together to Greece for his daughter's wedding. Valerie (Valerie Bonneton) and Alain (Deni Bun) has long been divorced, but retained almost deadly hatred. And how on earth could it be that, going to Greece for the wedding of his daughter, they were in the same plane. Even the type of each other the old hostile feelings immediately ready to break out again, but the flight suddenly canceled due to the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull (this is a record unpronounceable name is the original and the picture itself). In order to get to Greece by land Alain rents Porsche Panamera, and tormented by evil envy Valerie almost forcibly begs his companion. Heroes immediately begin to insult each other, and so addicted to the process that will soon manage to break doroguschy car into dust. Further joint journey will bring them even more misadventures, usually the most ridiculous and does not lead to reconciliation. Apparently, just because of such rare idiots like heroes "Vulcan passions" can not reconcile neither years nor adversity. Those who think that the French cinema does not allow schlock, there is now a chance to get acquainted with unsightly Gallic kinoshirpotrebom reminiscent of Russian film production "Comedy Club". Hackneyed plot still does not matter, chosen by director Alexander Koffre history virtually inexhaustible. But flimsy, ridiculous and improbable collisions kill all interest in what is happening in the film events. However, the main problem is still the picture became completely devoid of charm heroes and unreasonably harsh and badly written dialogues. Humor in the film is not so much went as natuzhen, and this is the worst that can happen to comedy.

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