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Free Evolution movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:41

Genre: Comedy fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.0

Director: Ayven Raytman

Actors: David Duchovny, Orlando Dzhons, Dzhulianna Mur, Seann Uilyam Skott, Ted Levayn, Itan Sapli, Maykl Bauer, Pet Kilbeyn, Ty Burell, Dan Aykroyd

Budget: $ 80 million

Year: August 9, 2001

download Evolution

Free download Evolution movie. From the first minutes of the film seems to be that the old Agent Mulder returned to his profession, really - Biologist Ayra Keyn (David Duchovny) is occupied exactly the same things and Mulder - he studies the emergence of extraterrestrial life on the site of a meteorite still in the same well famous UFO-public Arizona desert. However, alien aliens proved to be extremely agile in terms of evolution, and a few days after the incident demonstrated the first fins and legs, and soon even teeth, and intelligence. To stop the aggressor, was not enough for the army and government organizations, need more and a lot of anti-dandruff shampoo. The film "Evolution" deserve attention mainly to the fact that a fan of ghosts director Ayvan Raytman took him in the title role of another amateur paranormal - David Duchovny.

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User's Review:

We, humans - the best in the universe, just ordinary people are able to deal with alien creatures. Although, perhaps, in some galaxies, this hilarious film was banned for human chauvinism. The film, which could be another sci-fi thriller, but fortunately became an entertaining comedy, which gathered crowds. The action takes place from the first minute and literally mesmerizing bright panorama shooting, recognizable cast and purely American humor. Future firefighter Wayne (Seann Uilyam Skott) spends the last training session before the exam. In his eyes there is a falling meteorite. Found the cave, which was a meteorite, two local researchers, biologist Ayra Keyn (Devidom Duhovny), a colleague Harry (Orlando Dzhonsom), find some blue substance, apparently of extraterrestrial origin. Interest of scientists stirs a sense of the incredible discoveries of the world, and the strange single-celled, meanwhile, are gaining pace of development, sharing just in front of stunned observers. However, not all so optimistic and good for the benefit of mankind. For example, the question arises, what to do with dinosaurs and other creatures that have decided to take a walk to the supermarket or to fly over Arizona ... sweetly pseudo-dog, it is not clear how has appeared in the closet one homemaker, nearly bit off to lend a helping hand when plaintively opened her mouth and out popped a completely different face and obviously unfriendly. A quiet, well-maintained pond, framed by manicured lawns course, wound up someone smart, big and hungry. No one knows what would have ended the story, do not be next to a handful of characters that can better cope with the whole army of space plague, and, of course, a shampoo containing a dangerous alien creature for the chemical element selenium. And it really is there. And you still do not believe advertising ...

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