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Evil Dead II

Free Evil Dead II movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:24

Genre: Comedy horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.8

Director: Sem Reymi

Actors: Bryus Kempbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks, Ted Raimi, Deniz Biksler, Richard Domayer John Peaks, Lu Henkok, Snowy Winters

Budget: $ 3.5 million

Year: March 13, 1987 (World)

Download Evil Dead II

Free Evil Dead II movie torrent. The second film comedy horror trilogy "The Evil Dead", a direct continuation of the first film. The wrestler with the undead Ash arrives in an abandoned forest house with his girlfriend Linda. In one room, he finds an old book "Necronomicon Ex-Mortis" - the book of the dead, and by her side with a cassette tape. A certain professor, who lived in this house before, dictated to her from the book of spells. Not aware of this player include Ash, and calls on the forces of evil that live in the forest. The first victim is Linda - kandariysky demon turns it into an evil dedayta. Ash is forced to decapitate it and bury it in the woods, but it turns out that these simple manipulations is not enough: the beloved young man rises from the dead.

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User's Review:

In general horror successfully captures from the first minute and does not let go until the end. I imagine how much clay and fake blood has been spent for the film! And most importantly - great editing brighten up all the "rough edges". Especially Raimi did five minutes to a masterpiece, the film's budget - a mere penny, three million dollars, but what I saw in him some special effects for 1987, they are truly breathtaking, worth of living trees, which first braid and then eat it. In general, publishers or anyone they're a creative approach to business, though, and sacrificed at the same time opening sequence of the second and third parts. But that's another part. Ash's character is very different from the first part. From the loss of his lover, the protagonist became a ruthless and cruel. He confidently cut up dead on the "meat" of different instruments. In my opinion, it is most appropriate chainsaw. There is an episode where Ash manages to hide, to escape from the evil - it was completely new for horror, while the meander in the plot. Forest has become even more powerful. Special comedy films naturally gives mega-charismatic actor of all time - Bryus Kempbell. For his character Ash - "Oscar" no questions asked! Actor game - tower. In the end, it turned out not terrible, but deeply enticing horror with elements of "black" comedy. By the way, among the "black" comedy, in my opinion, he has no equal.

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