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Free download EuroTrip movie.

Movie Length: 1:33

Genre: Comedy adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Dzheff Sheffer

Actors: Scott Mehlovits, Dzhekob Pitts, Michelle Trachtenberg, Kristin Crook, Keti Meyls, Niel Iskhakov, Travis Wester, Mett Deymon, George. Adams, Christopher Baird, Vinni Dzhons

Budget: $ 25 million

Year: August 26, 2004

download EuroTrip

EuroTrip download movie. Typical American graduate Scott Thomas wants to get a perfect score on the German language. To this end, he met on the Internet with a boy from Germany named Mike (Mike) and asks him to translate their homework. However, in the course of correspondence it appears that Mike - in fact Miki (Mieke) and not the guy, and attractive blonde. So, after the finals Scotti takes a few friends and flies to Europe, hoping to meet Mickey. But right there in Berlin they can not, therefore, friends arrive in London, and from there begins their crazy Eurotrip.

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Our Review:

A good story, plays with clichés in the minds of Americans, many young and budding actors and some very interesting animated inserts Scotty Ohio corresponds with the German high school Mike. After graduation Scotty throws girlfriend and Mike clearly hints that he wants to meet. American high school student in horror sending German high school student to the devil. Continuing to suffer from the break up Scotty finally realizes that it has brought knowledge of German: Mike no not even a young man, but a real German girl Mika. What's more - the stunning blonde. Do not think of anything better, Scotty with three friends breaks down in Europe, although he could not two days ago afford it. Americans cunning ways of trying to get to Mick. This Eurotrip - several European countries in one trip. Before us is a model youth comedy. There are so many films of this genre, about a teenager who wants to try everything, to know everything and be sure to have fun at the same time. "Eurotrip" perfectly collected all teenage requests. Bald Mett Deymon, performing a song at the beginning of the film «Scotty Doesn’t Know », which is dedicated to the protagonist, and which will still be sound in your head. Vinnie Jones as vicious fan of "Manchester United" (in reality, by the way, he is a fan of "Chelsea"). And, of course, an eccentric Italian on the train. "Eurotrip" - the missing link between the vulgar American comedy about teenagers and not very original comedy about adult. Jokes do not roll down to the vulgarity, though on the brink of sheer outrageousness. We writers Aleka Berga and Devida Mendela, rather satirical approach. The viewer will not load unnecessary associations. If Amsterdam - the marijuana and red lights if London - the football fans, if France - the Louvre and nudists if Eastern Europe - the complete devastation. Incidentally, Bratislava shot did not even in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in a small town, where until 1991 the headquarters of the Soviet troops. Now the town half destroyed, and there was no better illustration for the filmmakers to the stereotype that after communism across Eastern Europe came Zvezdec. Despite the fact that most (if not all) of the problems could be solved much easier for the adventures of the unfortunate tourists watching with interest. Anyone who wants to remember a state of unlimited freedom, which only happens when you're eighteen, are worth watching "Eurotrip."

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