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Drillbit Taylor

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Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Steven Brill

Actors: Owen Wilson, Nat Hartli, Troy Gentile, Ian Roberts, Keysi Boersma, Dylan Boersma, Lisa Enn Uolter, Beth Litlford, Devid Kokner, Mett Uolsh, Leslie Mann

Budget: $ 40 million

Year: April 10, 2008

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Drillbit Taylor download movie. Wade skinny, fat Ryan and Emmit shorty - samples that failed pupils who are bullied all and sundry. A typical story is not only for America but for the world, but the guys decide not to endure humiliation, and to protect themselves sufficiently unbanal way - hire a bodyguard. However, this bodyguard is expensive, and expensive for students is only the homeless slicker pacifist Bob Taylor (Owen Wilson), who ultimately confuses an already difficult situation for the children ...

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User's Review:

School - a battlefield, where the ball is ruled by a cool dude. A "hilyaki" and "nerds" Let beware. This is the law of high school. Try to challenge. "Skilet" Wade, awkward and glasses, fat Rhine nicknamed "T-Dog" start a new life. High School opens up new prospects for the sea. Girls, popularity and credibility. The main thing is not to lay an egg on the first day. The same ridiculous outfit mission to save klutz Emmett put bold cross on their reputation. Local hooligans will not lag behind. No one will not help them. High school will be a place of humiliation and suffering, if… Do not hire a bodyguard, personal bodyguard. Though he understands. Candidates much pocket money is not enough. He agreed only to "Drill" Taylor, a master of martial arts and an expert on survival, a secret agent of the secret organization. Bodyguard stars and presidents. Concurrently vagabond and deserter Bob Taylor. A 487 "honestly", he earned dollars to spend on a trip to Canada. "Survival School" - a typical teen comedy. With a focus on the hormonal imbalance, first love, an epochal battle for popularity at school and crazy victory over force. Vulgar humor and farce in the storyline development. However, the latter, in particular, vulgarity, in "survival schools" have been observed. Perhaps thanks to the participation of Mr. Wilson. Excellent movie actor of comedy. Almost family films by modern standards at a stretch. picture predictable denouement does not disappoint. The best is always somewhere ahead. Find the courage in the heart, to change themselves and help their friends, everyone can. Like a real rapper T-Dog will put on the blades of any freestyle and Wade stand up for the honor of the girl, and Bob will kick yourself and the world around !!! Brave the "quartet" - Wade, Ryan, Emmitt and Bob - will ask you the heat! "Survival School" - good comedy for easy viewing with friends. The sea of ​​positive emotions, excitement, laughter and good humor you provided with a vengeance. Enjoy watching.

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