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Død snø

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Movie Length: 1:28

Genre: Comedy horror

Country: Norway

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Tommy Virkola

Actors: Bjørn Sundquist, Dzhenni Skavlan, Vegard Hul, Stig Frode Henriksen, Lass Valdai, Ivy Cassettes growth Eppe Leursen, Eni Dahl Torp, Orhan Gamst, Charlotte Frogner


Year: May 7, 2009

Download Død snø

Free Død snø movie torrent. Young people come to the house in the mountains to spend a weekend of fun. All of them - medical students and house owned by their friend Sarah, who was planning to get to your ski holiday. Waiting for the hostess, the guys have fun when they are visited by a strange stranger, let them know that here during the Second World War the Germans killed squad that terrorized the locals. Not taking seriously information outsider, the guys continue to rest. Meanwhile, the Nazis, have turned into bloodthirsty zombies, already surrounded their home, wanting to devour the living people, and to take away from them what the dead say its on the right - the loot gold. The film "Operation" Dead Snow "" refers to a rare thrash genre - horror zombie-Nazis.

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Our Review:

Seven medical students go for a weekend in the beautiful mountain wilderness - there bought a small house of their friend Sarah who went to the same under its own power on skis. By nightfall, the boys begin to not be good to remember the classics of horror. Soon, the doors seem surly local and disgust looking at the silent young people tell how sixty years ago in the local mountains cold especially bitter Nazi garrison. Students will laugh until the next day, a young lady does not carry off in a rustic toilet is something rotten in the helmet of the Wehrmacht, and his head and did not finish his run Sarah utknetes flecked in beautiful frosted window. Next will be even funnier. "Dead Snow" is made practically for peanuts by the Norwegian group of enthusiasts and continues the tradition of horror, hypertrophied so that the goose bumps in the first minute colic replaced with laughter. The notorious Nazi-zombie as bad as nice, and surprisingly discreet - of the first die film fan, before handing out valuable advice like "Do not let them bite themselves." Blood fills the characters up and down, sideways flying limbs are in the course of a chainsaw and machine gun. But the main trick is that by adhering to the canons of "Living carrion" and "Evil Dead", the brave Norwegians demolish minor and pretty bored with the stereotypes of the genre. Here zombies run faster Jamaican sprinters, did not die, and what happens to the victim of the bite, and remains a mystery. Another nice that Norwegians openly boast of their erudition: the only one who manages to have sex before turning into a pile of steaming meat, is the very fat and slovenly cinephile.

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