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Death Becomes Her

Free Death Becomes Her movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:44

Genre: Comedy Fantasy Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Actors: Meril Strip, Bryus Uillis, Goldi Houn, Isabella Rossellini, Ian Ogilvy, Adam Stork, Nensi Fish, Mishel Dzhonson, Mary Ellen Trainor

Budget: $ 55 million

Year: July 31, 1992 (World)

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Death Becomes Her download movie. In 1978, the Broadway actress Medlin Eshton stole his girlfriend Helen groom - a successful plastic surgeon Ernest. Helen could not cope with the betrayal and the loss of a loved one. She recovered terribly, almost mad and ended up in a psychiatric hospital, but after a long 14 years, pulled herself together and decided to take revenge offender. A brilliant doctor, Ernest found himself unhappy in his marriage, and Helen seduced him, making sure that from his wife need to get rid of. Heeding her requests, pious man pushed from the stairs, and she broke her neck…. However, Ernest knew that shortly before Madeline, are most concerned about their appearance, sought the help of a witch. For the tremendous amount of woman bought her an elixir of youth. Those who drank the miraculous drug, death is not terrible.

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User's Review:

"Death Becomes Her" - one of the best black comedies, filmed eternal experimenter and an amazing director Robertom Zemekisom ( "Back to the Future," "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"), in which he had a good laugh over the human desire any means to preserve their youth, without thinking about the consequences completely, and this film, I think, is as relevant as ever today, in this age of ridiculous silicone and women contrary to the unnatural beauty. Writers Martin Donovan ( "Apartment Zero") and David Koepp ( "Carlito's Way") in this its history classy combined caustic satire and fantastic story, telling us about the two competing a bitchy friend, a writer who in the fight for a miserable and cowardly peasant exceed all bounds of normal and do not stop at nothing, even before his death. The film touches, of course, first and foremost with their uniqueness and innovation, to which Zemeckis has always been a passion and trying to use every time all available at one time or another technical development creatively, and it is no wonder that the film cut off "Oscar" and a prize BAFTA in 93 it was for visual effects. If you do not read and do not know anything about the film, it is impossible to predict what might happen in it in this or that moment and that's all of these frightening and funny surprises me very impressed, I remember, at the most, my first viewing. And the second, that hooked it is certainly an outstanding cast, where first-class performers annealed and arrange an unforgettable performance in completely, it would seem, is not suitable for these roles. Great Meril Strip ( "Music of the Heart," "One True Thing"), nominated for the "Golden Globe" and the award "Saturn" for the role of power and obsessed with their own appearance Medelin Eshton, are already somehow familiar delights, surprises and pleases the eye, indescribably good and hilarious in the film and seductive Goldi Houn ( "overboard," "The Girl from Petrovka") as its rivals and a vengeful girlfriend Helen Sharp, but particularly pleased, of course, Bryus Uillis ( "Die Hard," "The Last Boy scout") , miraculously reborn from the eternal steep couples I drink too much henpecked and "rag" is not capable of serious acts of men plastic surgeon Ernest Manville. Also, I remember, and Isabella Rossellini ( "Empire") as a saleswoman immortality Liesl von Ruman has received, by the way, the prize“ Saturn "and director Sidni Pollak (" Tootsie "), who played Dr. Madalyn. "Death Becomes Her" - a rare and eternal youth highlight of the 90th, which will certainly look obliged each.

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