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cuban Fury

Download Cuban Fury full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:38

Genre: Comedy

Country: United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Dzheyms Griffits

Actors: Nick Frost, Rashida Dzhons, Chris O'Dowd, Ian McShane, Ben Radcliffe, Isabella Steinbarth, Brandon Robinson, Louis Kayriaku, Kieran Gaffney, Steve Oram, Alexandra Roach, Olivia Colman


Year: April 24, 2014

Download Cuban Fury

Free download Cuban Fury movie. Dance comedy. To win the heart of a great boss, one rather chubby man will shake their talents in a contest for the most incendiary dance. But he has an opponent who did not hesitate to drop to very dirty tricks. "Dance of here!" - the first film to Nika Frosta, where he played the title role and co-wrote the script without his friend and team-mate Simon Pegg.

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Our Review:

British comedy about what love and dancing for all ages. The good-natured fat man Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) wants to hit on the new boss Julia (Rashida Dzhons), but does not know how to establish a modicum of communication. It becomes a pleasant surprise news that she attends salsa lessons, and it means - the chances of him still there. In school, Bruce was a promising dancer, you only get out of the closet shoes with high heels and go back to the dance floor. However, in the competitors at Garrett - its annoying colleague Drew (Chris O’Dowd), also has his eye on their newfound boss. "Dance of here!" - feature debut of television director James Griffiths, behind which there is a decent series "Episodes." In his new territory for themselves Englishman behaves with restraint and politeness, using numerous achievements, invented earlier for Teleformat. In essence, a love triangle Bruce, Julia and Drew - is a classic story of overcoming himself, wrestling with inner fears and complexes, spiced fiery Latin rhythms of salsa. Large (in all senses of the word) British comedian Nick Frost feels here like a fish in water, creating a familiar, in general, for the image of the shy, but very sweet clumsy, romantic, idealistic and just a good man who has to bear the burden of eternal target for dirty tricks from colleagues. Of course, the "Dance of here!", You can be accused of excessive straightforwardness and textbook plot turns and twists, but only whether it is necessary. Dzheyms Griffits and Nick Frost (who co-wrote the script here) told another modern version of the Cinderella story in the male form, uttering the usual for the era of tolerance set of meanings about equality of opportunity. Commendable here, that no edification and moralizing in their promise is not in sight. Salsa is easy to guess, is just an excuse. Will achieve its goal if Bruce Garrett? No need to be a prophet to give the right answer. Much more important is that while watching a couple of times want to dance with him.

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