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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web download movie.

Movie Length: 1:37

Genre: Comedy Family Fantasy

Country: USA, Germany

IMDB rating: 6.3

Director: Gari Vinik

Actors: Dzhuliya Roberts, Opra Uinfri, Steve Buscemi, Dzhon Kliz, Cedric "Entertainer", Keti Beyts, Riba Makintayr, Robert Redford, Tomas Heyden Church, Andre Benjamin, Dakota Fanning

Budget: $ 85 million

Year: December 28, 2006

Download Charlotte's Web

Free download Charlotte's Web movie. Little Farmer's Daughter - Fern Arabl - begs her father to give her a little pig. She raises him as a pet, including its terribly special and very intelligent animals. Wilbur (the so-called pig) after moving to a new farm grows a new barn, where he met with spider Charlotte. They start strong friendship, despite ridicule from other animals. They show by their example that no matter you are a pig or a spider - when it comes to real feelings, the physical differences are not an obstacle. The time will come when each other's help, it would seem very desperate situation.

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Our Review:

A movie with a title worthy of a political thriller or crime drama, is very good, not dull and made to last. These animals look great paired with a computer, and even occasionally come across people in the frame does not spoil the overall experience blissful. Girl Fern (Dakota Fanning, who played the daughter Toma Kruza in "War of the Worlds") once woke up earlier than usual and ran to look at the newborn porosyatok. The weakest dad Fern was going to slaughter, but his daughter, with a persistence worthy defender of the Lambs Clarice Starling, defended the animal, call him Wilbur and reared themselves. But in the house to keep a pig it was impossible, and Wilbur went across the road to the barn Fern uncle. Geese, sheep, cows and a horse at first did not take seriously the new tenant. Especially because he is "spring", therefore, for Christmas leave their company and move to the festive table. Only one creature from the outset imbued with sympathy for Wilbur and participation. This spider Charlotte. The inhabitants of the barn of her dislike - she is intelligent, independent, and indeed predator. The whole barnyard, except Wilbur, of course, consider it ugly. Although, as they say people in the know, to make a computer Charlotte conscience - in compliance with all the characteristics of spider. And he says the voice Dzhulii Roberts, but that you will not hear. Charlotte wants to prove to people, and the inhabitants of the barn that Wilbur - pig special, and therefore should not get on the table. The story of her efforts and is dedicated to all the rest of the film. Of course, all ended relatively well, so the session can safely give even the youngest children - provided that they are not afraid of spiders.

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