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Bird on a Wire

Download Bird on a Wire full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Comedy Thriller Action Adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.9

Director: Dzhon Bedem

Actors: Mel Gibson, Goldi Houn, David Kerredin, Bill Duke, Stiven Tobolovski, Dzhoan Severans, Garri Tsezar, Dzheff Kori, Alex Bruhanski, John Pyper-Ferguson

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: May 18, 1990 (World)

Download Bird on a Wire

Free download Bird on a Wire movie. Fifteen years after the disappearance of her fiance Rick Murray accidentally meets him at one of the stations of Wisconsin car service. First meeting seemed glamor girl - because her fiance disappeared in Mexico during the transaction, and was declared dead. But it soon became clear that this is not true and that Rick is actually alive and had been in hiding all this time. But as it turned out, this dark story is not forgotten and is now forced to hide from his pursuers both. "Bird on a wire" - action comedy with Mel Gibson and Goldi Houn in the lead roles.

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User's Review:

This unforgettable and one of my favorite adventure comedies 90th presented once the world talented and iconic British director Dzhon Bedem ( "Saturday Night Fever", "Surveillance"), releasing it from a screenplay remarkable David Seltzer ( "Light in the Darkness") . Rick Murray Graves Dzharmin and very much in love and getting ready for the wedding, but suddenly Rick, fly away with my boyfriend to Mexico for the transaction, disappeared. 15 years have passed, and Murray can not forget Rica and one day on one of the gas stations of Wisconsin, she notices a man remarkably similar to a Rica, but behaving as if he first sees Murray. Follow him in the evening, she randomly saves this guy from a sudden attack on him by unknown. Fleeing from further persecution, the couple will have to figure out familiar they with each other and experience the most amazing and dramatic adventures in their lives, toured half of America, and joined the end of the self in confrontation with danger, and following at their heels criminals. "Bird on a wire" - charming and one of the best John Badham film that combines all the best of the genre entertainment cinema. Watch this film can be regularly and from this it just gets better. Dizzying chases, well-written dialogues and sparkling jokes, twisted, and not an ordinary story, well, and, of course, the bright, noisy and devilishly attractive protagonists played by gorgeous Goldi Houn ( "Overboard," "Housewife") and vechnosiyayuschego Mel Gibson ( "Maverick," "Lethal weapon"). Skirmishes and persistent explanation of the relationship of the characters - the salt of the film and quite a spectacle, so convincingly, clearly and vividly to play in this way, would not have succeeded, perhaps, no one. From this duo and pouring boundless energy and a fountain of different emotions, they are mad, impulsive, and that is very important reliable in their way, do not fall in love with them is simply impossible. These tapes were later dropped, of course, not a little, recall and "Six Days Seven Nights" and "Fool's Gold" and more recent "Knight and Day" with "The Bounty Hunter", but classics on that and there is a classic, and beat it rarely and who fails. If for some absurd accident you have not seen this invigorating and cheerful film, I will wholeheartedly even envy, hope, and you will experience the same elation and the tide of incredible emotion that I have for a long time after the first view it .

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