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Beetle Juice

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Movie Length: 1:32

Genre: fantasy Comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.5

Director: Tim Burton

Actors: Alek Bolduin, Dzhina Devis, Maykl Kiton, Enni Makenro, Moris Peydzh, Hyugo Stendzher, Rachel Mittelman, Catherine O'Hara, John. Dzhey Saunders, Vaynona Rayder

Budget: $ 15 million

Year: March 29, 1988 (World)

Download Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice download movie. The early work of Tim Burton's ghost, received "Oscar" for best makeup and had A serial follow-up. Name Beetle (Beetle) a juice (juice) as it suggests to the audience that the hero of the picture Beetlejuice - an unpleasant person, an evil spirit, providing services ghosts. His ordered Adam and Barbara Maitland, who died in a car accident and become ghosts in his New York home, which suddenly bought some other couple there and all remakes. Turning to Beetlejuice for help, the couple ghosts soon regrets his actions.

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User's Review:

Do you want together with a sweet little wife to spend a holiday in peace and quiet, cozy nest in your home? But the trouble is worth it to you to go through the gate to the next village (so buy the little things), how they got in a stupid accident and drowned in the river. Thus begins the ordeal of Burton. "Yes, man is mortal, but it would be so bad. The bad news is that it is sometimes suddenly mortal, that's the trick! And in general can not say what he would do in the evening ", - said Woland. And married couple Maitland suddenly saw the focus: they are mortal! But the newly deceased has their home, refuge and fortress. So, Adam and Barbara Maitland remain in his house, to live happily ever after. They do not know that their afterlife soon intervene live, and fill the peaceful oblivion by this horror. Will it survive the dead owners uninvited tenants of the house? This is only the director knows. And generously shared with us their secret knowledge. All mixed up in the house of Maitland - in this daring makabre, where the living with the dead shuffled deft hand magician and necromancer Burton. Ghosts need help and compassion for the living and the living lovchat, wanting to cash in on the defenseless ghost. Deadman successfully practiced exorcism, relieving clients of the dead from the unbearable presence of people. But the real people in their insatiable greed and lust for entertainment - it's tacky horror, much more monstrous and realistic than anything Burton dolls from beyond the world put together. Dead experience, suffer, love. Living fossils in total disbelief, and demolish for the sake of a whim everything in its path, without brakes. All the dead waiting for stationery Hell - the eternal queue stints in the heavenly EIRTS. A lively all at all, they brazenly demand that the dead entertainment and wonders. And here it is, the long-awaited miracle in mock happy end. A miracle for those of the living, who are reformed and become a good boy. Bravo, Burton, bravo, applause and all the actors. But how good Keaton as Beetlejuice! Joker from the movie "Batman: The Dark Knight" - a skillful or handicrafts copy, a replica of the original kitonovskogo, no more.

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