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Anger Management

Anger Management download movie.

Movie Length: 1:46

Genre: Comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.8

Director: Peter Segal

Actors: Dzhek Nikolson, Adam Sandler, Marisa Tomei, Luis Guzman, Allen Covert, Lynne Thigpen, Kurt Fuller, Jonathan Lougren, Krista Allen, Dzhenyueri Dzhons

Budget: $ 75 million

Year: June 18, 2003

Download Anger Management

Download Anger Management full movie for free. When ordinary situation on the plane caused in businessman Dave Baznike uncontrolled bout of aggression, the court ordered him to undergo a mandatory program to control his anger. Only here in tutors Dave got not quite adequate to the psychologist, who himself is able to ruffle anyone. To learn how to control their emotions, Dave will have to try very hard not to kill his mentor.

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User's Review:

"Anger Management" - High-quality and catchy comedy from director Peter Segal ( "Tommy Boy," "My Fellow Americans"), filmed them in 2003 and it was the scenario debutant David Dorfman ( "daughter of my boss"). Modest and quiet enough in life advertiser Dave Baznik mistakenly accused of being too aggressive when he only just escaped, asking in an airplane headphones the flight attendant who caught his not particularly agile, and was sent for compulsory treatment to the famous psychoanalyst Buddy Rydell, specializing in they invented the control program and control anger. All anything, but the doctor is more suitable for the role of the patient, rather than healer, and this completely mad and eccentric uncle, Dave did not heal, and every now and then on the contrary provokes him to aggression towards people. But, anyway, contact with this extraordinary man will help teach our protagonist lot, and make it more relaxed and open to the people, as well as help finally admit his feelings for his girlfriend. That's a strange man, this actor Adam Sandler ( "Big Daddy", "Spanish-English"), seems to be a talented and laugh can, but whether the agent had trouble, or to taste, because before this film he starred Peter Segal in two successful comedies "All or nothing" and "50 first Dates" and there would continue to continue this fruitful cooperation, but after some time, associated with a certain Dennis Duganov and they are now with alarming regularity razrozhdayutsya some infernal slag, like for example, "Do not Mess with the Zohan" and "Jack and Jill." And this film for its one and a half hours makes wild laughter erupt more than once, even not so much because the jokes that are different and successful, and not really, but rather due to very precisely matched cast. The partners to the Sandler got here the venerable and great Dzhek Nikolson ( "Good As It Gets," "Something's Gotta Give"), which pulls comedic laurels Adam here easily and effortlessly, looking up at the screen, as a teenager, and creating a truly memorable and devastatingly funny character of a madman and precocious active psychoanalyst Baddi Raydella. Its share of humor brought into the film and John Turturro ( "Barton Fink"), Luiz Guzman ( "Carlito's Way"), Allen Covert ( "Grandma's Boy"), Vudi Harrelson ( "The Messenger"), baseball player Derek Jetter and luxurious Marisa Tomei ("Cyrus"). "Anger Management" - a first-class comedy for a wide range of audiences and in the best traditions of the genre.

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