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Aliens in the Attic

Aliens in the Attic download movie.

Movie Length: 1:26

Genre: Comedy Adventure Family Fantasy

Country: US, Canada

IMDB rating: 5.4

Director: Dzhon Shults

Actors: Eshli Tisdeyl, Robert Hoffman, Karter Dzhenkins, Ashley Boettcher, Genri Yang, Rigan Yang, Doris Roberts, Kevin Nealon, Dzhillian Vigmen

Budget: $ 45 million

Year: July 30, 2009

Download Aliens in the Attic

Free Aliens in the Attic movie torrent. Pearson Family spends their summer vacation together in Michigan, in a rented house near the lake. A joint TV viewing is interrupted due to some interference, which are taken to eliminate the guys. Once on the roof of the house, they discover that: a) The TV antenna is broken and can not be restored; b) they have landed in the attic of Starship Troopers, c) zombiruyut radiation from the central radiator is valid only for adults. And here comes malyshnya save parents - and the entire earth - from alien infection. However, the evil "Aliens in the Attic," do not give up without a fight and lock saviors in the attic.

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User's Review:

Prischeltsy on cherdake- is a fantastic comedy starring young actors, including HSM star Eshli Tisdeyl) is not to say that the movie I liked (I personally would put 4), just a pleasure to watch this comedy without vulgarity, without stupid jokes , but it is perfect for family viewing) kids will love this comedy, here are the cool aliens are drawn, and one right honey, a nice little alien creatures = ** The creators have tried to make a film just for kids, for them it has turned out, but they do not Watch yo left without Ania and some love story between beauty-daughter (Eshli Tisdeyl) and such a scoundrel-heartthrob (Robert Hoffman) This comedy is perfect to see it after a long and hard day in the evening the whole family, because it is without zamorashek and should not be a long time to penetrate into the whole idea of ​​the film) the way at the end of the movie great soundtrack song Switch performed by Eshli Tisdeyl, very cool song) Now listen to it, x) Go to the cinema, well, or look on the Internet, just for fun) Your Polka

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