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The Outback

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Movie Length: 1:25

Genre: Animation Adventure Family

Country: US, South Korea

IMDB rating: 4.7

Director: Kyung Ho Lee

Actors: Charli Byuli, Alan Cumming, Tim Karri, Kris Edzherli, Eric Lopez, Norm MacDonald, Bret McKenzie, Nolan North, Philip Proctor, Jenni Pulos

Budget: $ 5.3 million

Year: October 25, 2012

Download The Outback

Free The Outback movie torrent. Johnny - white koala, acting in a traveling circus for unusual animals. During one of his journeys, Johnny and his friends, a monkey and the lizard, accidentally swing the cage fall out of the van and find themselves in the middle of the desert. Escaping to civilization, friends nahodyatchudesny oasis, inhabited by various animals, including white koala Minnie. When evil henchmen kidnap crocodile Minnie, Johnny has to call for help all his courage to save a new girlfriend.

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Our Review:

Asian cartoon Australian animals and typically American values. International multdvizhenie confidently straddled first computer graphics, and then the tricky 3D, still continues to mercilessly exploit the theme of anthropomorphic small animals. It seems that the lists of mammals, insects and other there was not a creature, not transferred to the big screen. Korean animation "Fluffy against toothy" goes a little further, and is not only the next little animals, but also revises the Darwinian theory. This bizarre cartoon - primarily the story of a circus koala Johnny. However, hardly show party freaks, tore a large fauna and utershego nose (as well as the tail pinch) the local crocodile my lord, can be attributed to the glorious traditions of the figures under the dome. Although the claim is more than self-confidence: the plot is divided into several dozens of gags, very generously scattered around the timing. And it is they, and not the thread of adventure Johnny and his comrades, do not give close your eyes, hidden behind the shutter glass. However, this is not the only feature of "Fluffy against toothed." At first, not very conspicuous, but over time it becomes clear that the Korean animators are mammals distant Australia as something quite special. The result was dancing a strange mix, which incorporates the style and anime, animation and classical Hollywood era of Walt Disney, and even something resembling our Soviet school. In general, the magicians of the country's Samsung and eaten by dogs not given the most trivial animation attraction. Another thing is that "Fluffy against toothy" has so stamped storyline that to cope with it, perhaps, be able to only those who in the past ten years, or even more, in general no cartoons have not looked. If there are, then they will be rewarded with a dozen really great jokes, and a whole series of references to the "Star Wars". What's more, quite frankly, surprised - always thought that live in Korea experts on Buddhism, not jediism.

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