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The Last Unicorn

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Movie Length: 1:32

Genre: Animation Family Fantasy

Country: US, UK, Japan

IMDB rating: 7.5


Actors: Dzheff Bridzhes, Mia Farrow, Andzhela Lensberi, Alan Arkin, Temmi Graymz, Robert Klein, Kristofer Li, Kinen Uinn, Pol Fris, Rene Oberzhonua


Year: November 19, 1982 (World)

Download The Last Unicorn

Free download The Last Unicorn movie. In the distant magical land lived a beautiful unicorn, who was able to control magic. One day she left the native forest to find a trace missing relatives who had driven into the sea Red Bull. Old Mother Witch Fortune heroine caught and put in a cage, but the Unicorn rescued Schmendrick good magician. In search of the mysterious Red Bull, they went together. To cope with the evil with the help of the Unicorn is only one magic was not under force, and then Schmendrick turned it into a beautiful girl. Friends settled into the service of the king Hoggardu, at the service of which was Red Bull, to ferret out the mystery of the disappearance of the unicorns.

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