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Sky Force 3D

Download movie Sky Force 3D for free.

Movie Length: 1:31

Genre: Cartoons

Country: USA, Hong Kong

IMDB rating: 3.7

Director: Tony Tang

Actors: John C. Flinn Heather Gordon, Aaron Krebs

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: October 11, 2012

Download Sky Force 3D

Download movie Sky Force 3D for free. For a small airplane Tinney nobody in the team more serious aircraft are not taken seriously. To achieve recognition of colleagues, Tinney, despite the prohibitions, is sent to extinguish the fire alone and becomes indirectly responsible for the death of Captain Ben. Guilt causes him to leave the team and get to work in the mine, but when there is an uncontrolled fire breaks out, Tinney again recalls his destiny ...

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Our Review:

Standard American cartoon for the kids with animated technique and little hero struggles for great success with their fears and weaknesses. The elite team of rescue aircraft single-engine monoplane screw Tinney - the smallest and most inexperienced staff. However, he does not hold the courage and desire to help all those who are in trouble. But "adult" - a large and powerful jets - not taken seriously the possibility of a modest Tinney. His dream - to prove to everyone that he is a true ace. One day it will lead to tragedy - while extinguishing a fire at an oil storage Tinney lost control and will be in two steps from extinction. Save him the cost of his life unable to old experienced detachment commander Captain Ben, who was personally banned flight to the fire. And guilt settled in my heart the fear of flying are forcing poor Tinney leave the rescue aircraft and bring his dream to become a real ace. Only the faithful robot aircraft mechanic persuades him to regain confidence in themselves, but all in vain. Once the new fire to put out that there will be nobody to take off but a single-engine screw the kid, make a hero to overcome themselves and go back in flight. The dramaturgy of the cartoon is so standard that hardly deserves a separate discussion - such stories are countless filmed for children and youth. However, the picture is quite suitable for a single view with small children. Heroes touching and emotional, sounded with normal intonation. A significant part of the scene is made based on a spectacular 3D effect - for its genre it turned out quite unobtrusively and appropriate. The colors do not hurt the eyes with acid shades, and in general, the film of the genre quite pleasant. Appliances, unlike other cartoons of this kind, quite fantastic and arbitrary, any associations with real models are not casts, production designer allowed himself to dream of the soul, but he was clearly far from the real aircraft. And it's not that "it does not happen" - it would be strange to demand likelihood of cartoons about talking airplanes. Just artists who love aviation, consciously or unconsciously always devote their fantasies real aircraft, such as Hayao Miyazaki.

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