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Mune, le gardien de la lune

He did not save the world. He will save five worlds!

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Movie Length: 1:25

Genre: fantasy cartoons

Country: France

IMDB rating: 7.3


Actors: Omar Sy, Izia Izhlen, Maykl Gregorio, Shafiq Ahmad, Benua Allemane, Shannon Archie Feodor Atkin, J. Joshua. Ballard, Damien Boisseau, Emmanuel Kyurtil


Year: May 28, 2015

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Free Mune, le gardien de la lune movie torrent. On the outlandish world where day and night is done manually, the young faun Mune unexpectedly elected guardian of the moon. But to his dismay, he almost immediately loses her! Using this, the king of the underworld Nekros steals and extinguishes the sun. Now, to save the planet, Mune with a brave girl of wax Glim and arrogant Sohonom, guardian of the Sun, you must go to the wonderful and dangerous journey.

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Our Review:

In rolling out surreal, but it is understandable for children cartoon. French animation has a sufficient number of fans and regularly observed by various prizes, but to a wider audience (at least in Russia) gets much less than the work of American cartoonists. "Keeper of the Moon" is intended to remedy the situation - that is, to show the audience that the French are quite able to compete with the studios Pixar and DreamWorks. On the planet, slightly reminiscent of a cartoon version of Pandora kemeronovskogo "Avatar", the sunrises and sunsets of the Moon and Sun are always carried out almost manually. Celestial bodies pulled by a walking on the ropes "temples" - in fact, huge amazing animals. Burlak manages these keepers of the Moon and the Sun, which was re-elected regularly. Once this honorary position by coincidence got Mune - young faun, kind-hearted, but uncollected and totally prepared. Taking advantage of his confusion (and bloated ego Sohona, Sun keeper, who took the post at the same time Mune), the evil forces were removed from the sky, both the light and the darkness reigned on the planet. As a result, both keepers had to go in search of the missing property. These Fortunately, they were joined by cobbled together of wax girl Glim - fragile, but purposeful and erudite. To say that the "Keeper of the Moon" - another example of the style of the victory over the content, it would be wrong, but still in this cartoon style it is primary. Animators managed to come up with and create a world in general does not like what we are used to seeing on the screen, but it is not devoid of recognizable features. In addition to references to the "Avatar" in the animated film is quite possible to see parallels with fantasies of Dali's works or "Dzibli" Japanese studio. Drawn on the computer 3D-landscapes have turned out memorable and detailed, but not overwrought, but still inhabited them highly unusual beings (for example, the moon for a drags creation, like a cross between an antelope, camel and ostrich). In addition, some scenes filmed in a very different style - detailed computer animation gives way to draw and how to be very simple, but it is expressive (it is noteworthy that the changes do not happen suddenly, they explained the plot "Custodian"). In general, look there is something - for both children and who came to them for a session parents. However, for older viewers stunning images, it is possible, and remains the only attraction. Typically, the creators of contemporary children's animated polnometrazhek add to their work jokes and references, it is clear to parents, rather than a small audience. Such elements are not intended to give those who are older, bored. The "Keepers of the Moon" jokes are not numerous and are designed primarily for a young audience, and the plot is built so as not to frighten, not to injure and not to confuse even the kids. Against the backdrop of incredible scenery, strange flora fauna and bizarre plot twists even seem a little corny - that does not interfere with "Keepers of the Moon" be a great children's films, working almost flawlessly.

User's Review:

After reading the reviews here expected the worst. What strange pieces? What absurd heroes? You all watched this cartoon? Very balanced, friendly, kind and nice cartoon. This is perhaps his charm, he without an abundance of dirty humor and adults prikolchiki. It's for the children! I understand my child 5 years. Although my favorite cartoon "Despicable Me" - this cartoon I liked him very much. I advise everyone to see with children.

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