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Mulan download movie.

Movie Length: 1:24

Genre: Cartoon musical family adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.5


Actors: Eddi Merfi, Miguel Ferrer, Harvey Firshtein, Fred Shen Fo, Dzhun Forey, Dzheyms Hong, Miriam Margolis, Pat Morita, Marni Nikson, Lea Salonga

Budget: $ 70 million

Year: December 25, 1998

download Mulan

Free download Mulan movie. For great people fell on hard times: in the country was attacked by the warlike tribe of Huns. Dressed in men's clothes, Mulan joins the other warriors and sent in a dangerous trek to the foot of snow-capped mountains. It is accompanied by a funny dragon Mushu, who looks more like a small dog than a mythical monster. Trying to hide a secret, they fall into funny situations, and are unaware that their secret is about to be revealed!

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Our Review:

Ancient Chinese legend as interpreted by Disney Studios. The best traditions of a family cartoon: crazy characters and exciting songs. Stories about the girl to cope with the great man's work, is in almost every nation. The ancient Chinese legend of Mulan, who, dressed in men's clothes, saved the Emperor and all of the Celestial Empire of the Huns, - one of them. Screen adaptation turned out quite decent, despite the fact that the Chinese brought down on Cartoon pretty harsh criticism, associated with unusual Chinese cultural traditions morals and many "Americanisms". Their indignation is understandable, but "Mulan" is primarily intended to be a family cartoon, and turned, in general, is appropriate. He received a classical Disney, with traditional characters (a girl who has to break the social fabric for the public sake, accompanying unlucky friends, most of the animals, a terrible villain and repulsive secondary character, which though not harmful openly, but life is also not easier ). It is not surprising, since the story of Mulan - the perfect story for Disney, which is impossible to imagine without romantic music inspirational tales of love and friendship; Yes, with the same type of characters, but always with a happy ending. In the original film voiced by famous actors such as Miguel Ferrer (who, incidentally, is more like a counselor Emperor Chi Fu than Shan Yu, who voiced) and Eddi Morfi. Evil tongues, however, say that Russian-speaking there is no difference, who voiced the characters in the original, everything will be spoiled dubbing. However, in this case the Russian dubbing does not disappoint and very good adapted to our reality (which are pearl dragon Mushu the cow and snowdrops). The image of Mulan - one of the most interesting and attractive, to create a "Walt Disney Pictures"; Cartoon caused such excitement among the spectators that came the sequel, and even a feature film on his wave of success. Mulan with her sincere and pure emotional outbursts - a perfect example to follow.

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