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Minuscule - La vallée des fourmis perdues

Free download Minuscule - La vallée des fourmis perdues movie.

Movie Length: 1:20

Genre: Animation Adventure Family

Country: France

IMDB rating: 7.1



Budget: $ 19.7 million

Year: May 29, 2014

Download Minuscule - La vallée des fourmis perdues

Free Minuscule - La vallée des fourmis perdues movie torrent. A cartoon about the life of the little ones. Active and inquisitive black ant find abandoned after a picnic box with sugar. Friendly squad ants with ladybug decide to forward a treat to the nest. But sweet box has managed to disturb the tranquility of the valley, and its plans for the treat came from other forest dwellers, particularly in the evil red ant invaders. And therefore, on the way to the cherished goal of a black ant will have to overcome a lot of dangers and adventures. Cartoon "bug. Adventure in the Valley of the Ants "is a spin-offom eponymous animated series.

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Our Review:

Touching animated film about how a box of sugar had brought trouble to the colony of black ants. Barely learned to fly, ladybug gets into trouble with the snooty flies - a dizzying chase ends with the crash and broken wings. After spending the night in a box with sugar, thrown people beaten to bug black ant scouts who found the box and dragged to his anthill - almost the entire forest. On the way they pass the territory of the red ants, dangerous and bloodthirsty creatures, too hungry for sugar. Red begin pursuit and then a tough siege of ant black. And only a ladybird with a broken wing could save his new friends. "Adventures in the Valley of the Ants" - a full-length version of the famous and beloved by many of the French series "bug" on the life of insects: ladybirds, flies, ants, wasps, spiders - where insects are animated, and the background used in wildlife photography. In the six years since the series was created 177 episodes of 5 minutes each. This original design duo founders Helen Zhiro and Thomas Sabo became a huge hit in his native France and easily finds an echo in the hearts of nature lovers around the world and of all ages. Due to the fact that although insects and anthropomorphic, there are no words, only a mixture of different sounds: insects flying around with the sounds of helicopters and vehicles, and communicate with each other funny whistling, buzzing, buzzing and beeping that do not require translation - this film becomes a universal statement on the theme of beauty and power of nature, clear any kid. The feature film, the main character was only a ladybug, and the action takes place in the luxurious forests of the national parks in the south of France. Nature, from which captures the spirit, becomes another full-fledged protagonist of the picture. I must say that by going to the big screen, the film has not lost its charm of wit and science - it's still a fascinating look at a microcosm of the six-legged and winged inhabitants of forests and fields. In the film repeated successful discoveries of the series: the ants take with sugar picnic spots, again folded paper airplane and ladybug still teases flies and drawn into the grand race. Insects are a curious application of human debris left in the forest during the siege of red ants use a slingshot and repellent, and so you respond black ants - it is better to look at the screen. A huge relief to see in theaters animated film in which the plot, though it is no wonder, but there is no such equivocation and postmodern metakommentariev about mass culture parents accompanying children. After the film has different eyes looking at what he saw by chance on the grass ladybug - and imagine what the world will show up for the little discoverers.

User's Review:

Interesting cartoon for the whole family, where the goodies are brave and fair, protect the anthill scene from the red invaders dropped like a real fighter. Landscapes wildlife are very good. I do not want to retell the story for the minimum comment length, but it is worth noting that the cartoon story captures, despite the fact that it tells about the battle of two colonies of ants because someone thrown a box with sugar. And about how the ladybug from helpless little bug becoming intelligent and brave the other ants, the master of his fate.

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