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Majo no takkyûbin

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Movie Length: 1:43

Genre: Anime cartoons adventure family fantasy

Country: Japan

IMDB rating: 7.9

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Actors: Minami Takayama, Rei Sakuma, Kappey Yamaguchi, Keiko Toda, Mieko Nobusava, Koichi Miura, Haruko Kato, Hiroko Seki, Yuriko Futidzaki, Coish Yamadera

Budget: ¥ 800 million

Year: July 29, 1989 (World)

Download Majo no takkyûbin

Free Majo no takkyûbin movie torrent. A young witch Kiki to achieve 13 years must live a certain time among the people. Kiki with his cat Gigi goes to the city, where he meets a good baker, who helps her to start their own business - the emergency dispatch. Work Kiki introduces a number of different people and provides an opportunity to find new friends, and make a lot of all sorts of tricks.

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User's Review:

In a quiet and relaxed world, where there are no problems with the knockout debt, unrequited love at age 40, and eternal ruin there is a place of beauty and pleasure from the process of life. Briefly: if "edge". "Extremely dangerous" - masterpieces "Happy together" - sweet comedy, then you are not here. Here - fun for the children and relaxation for adults, an occasion several times to let a tear for the romantics, train fans, cars, airplanes, plants ... with joy. This world - a world described through the eyes of a man living in the late 80's in Japan: Women's emancipation is adequate, warm (sometimes hot) climate, dreams "do everything in Europe" and light sorrow for the departed to rest things, pleasant and unobtrusive in everyday life: train, rhythmically banging wheels on the joints, bonnet buses suburban lines, clear, wide sky, meadows and forests are not damaged Japanese indiscriminate privatization of the 90s. World greets us with rich colors and light, pleasant atmosphere of living in a prosperous, stable provinces, where more than 20 years ago has settled and married the mother of the main character. Scented flowers in the garden, bursting with life and trees blue water - a perfect, idyllic place, the likes of which our cinema does not produce more than 10 years in a row. ... everything flows, everything changes, and the main character - a 12-year old hereditary witch, the old custom of relying resettled from their mother and ... help people elsewhere. On their own. It's (not) easy test - essay romantic, warm memory of the author's youth. When you can take the train and go somewhere where on the one hand - the sea, the other - from green trees mountain slopes. When the city around - clean and nice, aircraft piston and warm tube sound from the speakers slowly playing an easy music that nice to enjoy life: beautiful girls and peasant, the work of a small bakery, a warm wind blowing through the streets of coastal households ... There are, of course, and a love story, not only in her black cat. But without these your "I was betrayed!". "Oh, you parasite!". "And they lived happily ever after and died of serial killer" - Throw the garbage in the trash at the entrance, as well as the dreams of pornography on the screen. Here - romance, Stealth-mission to correct its own stocks and race on brooms - a word that will feel the freedom in the soul and give a piece of the world - the sun, reminiscent of Mediterranean Europe in the mid 70s, a peaceful and beautiful world where the airship flying in the near the modern trains, planes and buses seemed to have gone with the stamps, and witch - not the horror and curse, but often beautiful and pleasant neighbors.

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