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Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & amp; Stitch download movie.

Movie Length: 1:25

Genre: Animation Adventure Family Fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.2


Actors: Deyvi Cheyz, Chris Sanders, Tia Carrere, David Ogden Stiers, Kevin McDonald, Ving Reymz, Zoi Kolduell, Dzheyson Skott Lee, Kevin Maykl Richardson, Syuzen Hegarti

Budget: $ 80 million

Year: December 26, 2002

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Download movie Lilo & Stitch for free. Blue ocean, gentle sun, warm sand - all of Hawaii. In this paradise lives a girl named Lilo, which picks up in the kennel for stray animals like creature dog. New friend she calls Stich. However, a young islander has no clue who she sheltered. Stitch - this creature, which appeared in the illegal space experiments. This is a real monster, whose only instinct is the desire to destroy. He manages to escape from a secret laboratory on Earth. House Lilo and her family becomes an intergalactic criminal perfect haven - because he is wanted by the police. But the unexpected happens - Stitch is tied to the girl, they become friends and together go on a journey full of exciting adventures ...

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User's Review:

Advertising slogan cartoon intriguing words "The family has its black sheep…"Indeed, looking at the great heroes of classic cartoons Corporation Walt Disney - prude Snow White, deer Bambi, cheerful Aladdin, Indian woman Pocahontas, Chinese woman Mulan and others, imbued with the grandeur of design genius multiplier and can not imagine with them someone hideous in appearance ! And that, say, could mean unsightly toothy toddler named by Stitch, also painted in purple ridiculous ?! Yes, it's a shame the animation! Its very existence should, logically, to insult the majority of the audience brought up on classical subjects feature cartoons. However, do not rush to the unequivocal conclusion! Let's take a closer look to the most unusual hero Disney Walk of Fame. Stitch - not a dog or cat. And certainly not people. But as the cat he has a smooth coat, the dog can bite, and how one can have fun and enjoy life. His appearance in the world, we are obliged to a distant planet Turo, where as a result of a genetic experiment under the number 626, and this strange creature was created. His "father", the scientist Jumbo Dzhukibo describes Stitch: It does not burn and does not break, thinking faster than the modern computer, see in the dark and is able to move objects three thousand times its own weight! The mistress of the planet Turo, cruel woman - Great Consul decided that Stitch, little man-freak, the place at all forgotten asteroid, where it no one can ever see. But brave kid managed to escape from captivity and escape on a spaceship. He does not know that a randomly chosen route will lead him to the very blue planet in our galaxy - the Earth. Meanwhile, ordinary earth girl Lilo, who lives on the colorful Hawaiian Islands in the middle of the Southern Ocean, is dreaming of a true friend. In life Lilo so little joy: her older sister Nani work hard to keep the house and the girl. Evil uncle of social welfare department want to separate the sisters, and Lilo realizes that she has little chance to stop the impending disaster. One day, seeing a shooting star from the sky, the girl Lilo makes a wish - to find a true friend. Togo, who will not leave Lilo when she will be scared and lonely. "Send me an angel, the most beautiful that you have!" - she asks the sky, not yet knowing that a bright star in the sky flying a spaceship fugitive Stitch on board! Instead of fireworks in honor of his arrival on Earth sees Stitch… cell in the animal nursery, where he was! Strange purple alien people took the dog for an unusual breed, and Stitch vynuzhdensoglasitsya this state of affairs. After all, he has to hide from how to sent in its wake Jumbo scientist and his assistant, the one-eyed hudyshki Plekli! Girl takes Lilo Stitch from the nursery, and from that moment begins their wonderful friendship, analogues of which you will not find in any of the children's books. Together, they will learn to ride the boards riding the waves, dance dance "blasphemy" and sing the songs of Elvis Presley. And they will have a dangerous battle with Captain Gantt hunter space fugitives, help her sister Nani and lessons on civil ethics (in both wrapped!). Lilo, good and proper girl learning to fidget bully Stitch how to behave properly in public places and how to clean up after themselves after a meal. The main thing is that all three of them - Lilo, Stitch and Nani - will be a result of the difficult trials of one big family, which in Hawaiian is called a beautiful word «ohana». Director-animator Chris Sanders first thought about the story of the future of the cartoon in the age of seventeen, when once painted funny Critters, is not similar to any of the terrestrial fauna. The story of extraterrestrial origin Stitch born together with like-minded Dean Dean DeBlois and finally took shape in kinoideyu much later, when Chris already being worked in the Walt Disney Corporation. It remained only to "revive" its long-standing dream. However, initially it was planned "down to earth" ship Stitch in Kansas, where it is always hot and dry. And the girl who was supposed to tame Stitch, was the daughter of the local cowboy. So it was planned. But unfortunately for the state of Kansas Kris Sanders before filming the movie took off and flew to Hawaii for a vacation in which irrevocably in love with and who decided to make the residence of her character. So instead of the daughter of a cowboy appeared Darkie-Aboriginal Lilo! "Hawaii - amazing place, no matter what do not like! - says the director. - It is enough to stay there for an hour or two, and you know that he was in heaven. Incredibly beautiful island! "To emphasize the lightness of the local nature, the greatness of the Pacific Ocean, multiples have returned to the long-forgotten techniques in watercolor painting. With this classic reception Hawaii in the cartoon "Lilo and Stitch" played fantastic colors, as if a rainbow came down to earth! Assures second director Din Deblua, "We wanted to make a film about the unusual simplicity and warmth of human relations." I admit that artists are able to implement our plans and to prove that in the retelling of the living and understandable audience of children's stories the film company «Walt Disney Pictures» still has no competitors!

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