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Legend of the NeverBeast

Tale of fun and talented fairy fauna, which is friendly with a huge creature, nicknamed the Beast

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Movie Length: 1:16

Genre: Cartoon family fantasy adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: Stiv Loter

Actors: Dzhinnifer Gudvin, Lyusi Lyu, Mey Uitman, Rosario Dawson, Thomas Lennon, Raven, Pamela Adlon, Melanie Brown, Megan Hilty


Year: December 18, 2014

Download Legend of the NeverBeast

Download Legend of the NeverBeast full movie for free. From generation to generation is passed from one to another Fairy Queen legend of unprecedented monster sleeping deep underground. This tradition would have remained on the pages of dusty manuscripts, but once the best friend the fairy Tinker Bell, Fauna, she heard someone else growl in an abandoned cave, and - as a true fairy Beast - could not resist a closer look this mysterious creature temptation with burning in dark green eyes. The Beast, in which fauna finds a friend, not a little afraid of the other inhabitants of the Valley, and now Fauna to convince his friends to risk everything for the sake of the Beast from a mortal danger.

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Our Review:

The next full-length cartoon from the life of little fairies with dragonfly wings. In the country of the fairies since ancient times there is a legend that one day will arrive from space green comet and then there will be something unusual. And the heavens carried by a mysterious car, and then because of the forest sounds ominous roar. Curious and naughty fairy named Flora goes to the thicket and meets incredible creature of enormous size and generally frightening appearance. However, in view of the terrible monsters hiding natured disposition, and soon the monster becomes the best friend of fauna. But more serious fairies do not share the thoughtless attitude to space the visitor and decide to grab it before it will devastate the magical land. Animated franchise about a little magic fairies with dragonfly wings is a kind of apotheosis of computer animation glamor girls of primary school age and those who are younger. Pink, blue, gold, violet - a full set of markers, thickly studded with glittering sequins. Main characters speak as a youth series characters - in their tone of voice full of girlish coquetry and malice. But every next series brings to the stage a new character - and they all share a non-standard approach to life and a good heart. They are looking for different ways to battle against injustice and inertia their friends and are ready to defend their beliefs all his soul. This is also the fauna, which is ready for a friend on the real exploits. Its mission is to save space monsters turns into exciting adventures that with interest look young spectators preschool and primary school pupil.

User's Review:

Wonderful cartoon touched to the core. It teaches all that is necessary in all and in all to look for only good, good. It teaches that we should not act like the crowd, "the effect of the pack", or "do as I do." Not necessarily what opened - right. People are accustomed to act the way they are told to obey whatever their rules. But it is worth to try something new, different, that really tells the mind and heart risks. And suddenly, you find yourself right, you need to have your point of view and defend it to the last. Wonderful cartoon. My assessment of +10!

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