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Ernest et Célestine

Ernest et Célestine download movie.

Movie Length: 1:20

Genre: Cartoons

Country: France

IMDB rating: 7.9


Actors: Pauline Brunner, Anne-Marie Loop, Lambert Wilson

Budget: 9.6 million €

Year: March 28, 2013

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Free Ernest et Célestine movie torrent. Cartoon cartoon about an unusual friendship. She - a little mouse, it is - a huge bear. She - a child, he - adult. She wants to be an artist, but by the rules of their world to become a dentist, he was - a musician and poet, leading mindless life and never having a crust of bread for tomorrow. They live in different worlds, for the inhabitants of the mouse kingdom nothing is more wild than friends with "big bad bear", and his neighbors are unlikely to understand why hobnob with the mouse. But friendship and kinship of souls is like real magic. And what this couple care about conventions, the difference in the amount of historical prejudices and cultural barriers?

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Our Review:

A small masterpiece in pastel colors. Whether the children's fairy tale, or surreal parable about friendship huge bear-Ernest melancholic and cheerful chips - mouse Celestine. Their adventures designed and painted by the Belgian artist Gabriel Vensan. Their whole story - very often a combination of incongruous, and it is not only in different sizes. In good bear families to choose a career as a lawyer, but Ernest became a musician. Mice often grow in different dentists, but Celestina wants to draw. Bears as a child inspire mouse, eat them for breakfast tens. Mice are known bears steal food scare bears and instantly occupy any free space, if only to give them the opportunity. Friendship is not even dangerous between the two worlds - it is simply impossible. Nevertheless, Ernest and Celestine are introduced (in extreme circumstances), to help each other (when the situation escalates any longer) and become best friends. In spite of everything, and even under the threat of police harassment. Compare "Ernest and Celestine" with a domestic TV series of Masha and the Bear meaningless. Yes, in both cases there is a large bear and his little friend a brisk, but this similarity and limited. Soulful story about an incredible friendship mouse and the bear changes its mood every minute, surprising plot twists and fascinating air watercolors. Sometimes she would laugh household squabbles, sometimes frightening or sinister dreams turns tough legal thriller with an unexpected happy ending. It is worth paying attention to the quality voiceovers: for Celestina said Tatiana Lazareva, for Ernest - Aleksandr Pushnoy and entering turns one hundred percent - it seems that the heroes have to say so, and not otherwise. Not the slightest advances to the viewer, which can be very, very small, no hint syusyukane. Impossible, improbable friendship bear and mouse acquires details that have more to do with social problems and inequalities than to the fairy tale narrative, which, however, the tale does not spoil, but only adds to her points from the adult audience.

User's Review:

A wonderful kind bright cartoon! Such grumpy bear patient and careful mouse, touching and unusual. Revised several times and never tire of watching yet. Clear both adults and children. It is noteworthy that one can find many meaningful moments - the cartoon is not an empty shell, this is important. The unusual custom panache - mostly drawn characters themselves, the situation as it is in general terms, but when viewed in the end it becomes irrelevant.

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