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Free download Cendrillon movie.

Movie Length: 1:25

Genre: Animation adventure

Country: France

IMDB rating: 3.9

Director: Pascal Erold

Actors: Alexandra Lamy, Antuan De Caunes, Iolanda Moro, Mishel Buzhena, Izabel Nanti, Filip Petyu, Veronik Ogero, Odri Lami, Herve Lassins, Dzho Tomas


Year: August 2, 2012

download Cendrillon

Free Cendrillon movie torrent. Retelling of the famous story of Cinderella, transformed into an animated comedy in 3D. In a magical land in which they live Cinderella, coming Russian prince with his aunt. Prince arrives with the most banal purpose - to travel. But he was waiting for an incredible adventure, kidnapping and car chases, great friendship and true love in the face of Cinderella. And no one, not the wicked stepmother with her daughters, neither robbers pirates will not prevent Cinderella and the prince to find happiness!

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Our Review:

Computer animation with 3D effect for children up to primary school age. For the classic story story has almost nothing to do, but priklyucheniyapersonazhey - anthropomorphic animals - quite amusing. Russian prince - dog of unknown breed named Vladimir - travels incognito through the Wild West with his aunt, the Princess, the mother of kartezhnitsey. Found out about this Pirates headed gorilla Barbazulom decide to attack the rich travelers and reeducated in the train robbers. Meanwhile, Russian Vladimir dog meets the South American llama Cinderella - dashing cowboy girl who oppress the wicked stepmother and her daughters. Indian shaman who plays the role of the fairies, decides to help Cinderella find happiness. The role of the femme shoes, in turn, will play the main character knocked out tooth. Action tale takes place somewhere in the mountains and deserts of Texas, but Paskal Erold, a French animator, best known for "The True Story of Puss in Boots" is not limited only to "geographical peresortitsu" and the transformation of the characters in anthropomorphic animals. Scenario cartoon "fairy tale in a new way" extremely overloaded the strangest and not combine characters and events, and Pascal, and does not try to combine them, just in bulk pile and turning in enough trash cartoon brew. However, in the film there are also good jokes, and reasonably interesting ideas and bright, well-developed characters. However, a weak and outdated 3D computer animation with unnatural movements and facial expressions make a rough view of the cartoon is not the most pleasant sight. As a result, instead of the French "Rango," we have yet another vague cheap crafts like the recent Peruvian cartoon "Move your time."

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